7 Light Fixtures to Consider the Next Time You Upgrade Your Home Lighting

7 Light Fixtures to Consider the Next Time You Upgrade Your Home LightingWhen choosing light fixtures for your home, you can’t just use any regular light bulb and socket combo. Depending on your lighting applications and needs, you will need a specific light fixture to get the best light coverage and best aesthetic effect.

If you’re not sure what fixtures to buy for your Scottsdale home, here’s a quick overview of the 7 most common fixture types you can expect to see in any store.

1. Recessed Lights

These lights are ideal for accent, task, and ambient lighting since they generate a relatively narrow beam of light cast in one direction. These lights are designed to be flush with the ceiling, so you will need multiple recessed fixtures to have enough light for one room.

An important thing to remember when using recessed lights is that they can be susceptible to condensation, so be sure to have enough insulation for each fixture.

2. Lamps

Take your pick from floor, table or desk lamps. Your choice will ultimately depend on the layout of your room and what kind of effect you’re shooting for. Just remember that lamps are not just light sources, they’re style pieces that can complement the general look of your room.

3. Under Cabinet Lights

The essential task lighting solution for kitchens and bathrooms, under cabinet lightsilluminate surfaces without washing out the entire area too much light.  Although there are many types of light bulbs that can be used for under-cabinet lighting, LED light strips have grown in popularity over the last few years due to their slim profile and flexibility.

4. Track Lights

Track lights are suspended or mounted on the ceiling. They are composed of a pole or rod that holds multiple heads with light bulbs. Each head is adjustable, so you can change the direction of your light as you see fit. Track lights are versatile and can be used as task lights, accent lights, and even general overhead lights.

5. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, lighting the immediate area under them. If you choose pendant lights with an opaque shade, you can cast light on a specific part of the room, which makes them great for task lighting. You can install pendant lights over the dining table, the kitchen island, and the bar area among others.

6. Chandeliers

Hanging a chandelier is a great way to add drama to any living pace. While most people tend to associate chandeliers with grand, sparkling fixtures that cost an arm and a leg, the truth is that there are different chandeliers for any budget. In any case, the right chandelier can be a wonderful focal point in your home’s living spaces, especially the living room and dining room.

7. Wall Sconces

Mounted on walls, these fixtures are great accent pieces that emit light in an upward or downward direction. With the right shade or cover, wall sconces can be a great way to bring attention to artwork, furniture, and other decorative pieces, making them stand out.

Although some types of fixtures are more commonly associated with a particular room or use, you can get creative when it comes to layering lights in your home. Make sure to pair your fixtures with a bright but energy-efficient LED light bulb to get the best lighting results.