Transform Your Master Bedroom into a Sanctuary With These 7 Lighting Ideas

One of the more daunting aspects of renovating the master’s bedroom is figuring out how to light this indoor space. Many Scottsdale homeowners make the mistake of settling with a lone ceiling fixture in the middle of the room, and maybe two table lamps on either side of the bed. These alone, however, won’t be enough to bring out the best in your bedroom.

The key is to strike the balance between having a bright but relaxing bedroom, and using fixtures that complement the style and feel of the room. The 7 lighting tricks below will help you get closer to these goals.

1. Pendant Lights for Style and Space-Saving

Small bedroom? No problem. Pendant light fixtures are an excellent choice for having sufficient light without taking up space on the floor or tables. Place them above your bedside tables or above a corner table to free up space for books, picture frames, or other items.

2. Simple Lampshades with Strong Patterns

If you want to make a bold statement without overpowering the rest of the master’s bedroom, choose a simple lampshade base with strong patterns. This combination gives the light fixture the added oomph without going overboard.

You can also play around with the colors of the patterns. Black and white might be a classic choice, but rich reds and yellows or energetic blues and greens can breathe life to any space.

3. Use Floor Lamps

A cozy chair in your bedroom deserves a beautiful floor lamp that can be used as a source of task lighting or as additional general lighting to the room. This can create a wonderful area to read, work, or just to sit and think.

4. Flush-Mount Ceiling Fixtures in the Bedroom

Master’s bedrooms with low ceilings can still look good with flush-mount ceiling fixtures. Although these lights can have a reputation of being boring, they do come in a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from. There should be a pair out there that’ll perfectly match your bedroom’s interior design.

5. Track Lighting

Track lights are often used in living rooms, hallways, and kitchens, but they can also have a dramatic effect in the bedroom when used as spotlights for artwork and other decorative pieces. They add a more contemporary look to the space while adding brightness. If you have a piece of art hanging on the walls of your bedroom, you can emphasize it with track lights.

6. Non-Traditional Chandelier

If you have a bedroom with a high ceiling, consider yourself lucky. You have more freedom to get fancy and glamorous with your light fixtures. Consider hanging a chandelier over the bed to up the wow factor of the bedroom. Better yet, choose a chandelier with non-traditional materials or one with bright colors to add drama to your bedroom.

7. Matching Bedside Lamps

Of course, you can never go wrong with a staple. Matching bedside lamps can be great task lights, perfect for nighttime reading in bed. But if you pick the right fixtures, they can serve as decorative accents in their own right.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing your bedroom lights to turn your bedroom into a relaxing and stylish getaway.