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GE is the original powerhouse in electric ingenuity and has paved the way for many of the lighting technologies we use today.  Today, GE is among the top choices for business owners in Scottsdale when choosing a lighting solution.  They offer numerous applications for commercial businesses, even beyond indoor and outdoor lighting.  Here is an overview of the ways GE gives modern businesses the edge when it comes to LED lighting.

Indoor Lighting.  From retail to hospitality to warehouse, GE has a complete line of LED lighting solutions to fit the needs of commercial buildings and parking garages in Scottsdale.  One of their more robust products comes from the Albeo™ line.  The Albeo ™ LED Luminaire – ABHX can be used for both high and low bay lighting used in warehouses and parking garages.  Its modular design allows for flexible replacement of individual sections and also allows for increased airflow to keep units cool.  However, what works for warehouse spaces won’t necessarily work in an office or conference room.  GE has innovated lighting in this area by providing some very effective lighting fixtures including large panel bulbs to create an even wash of light in a smaller space.

For more sleek and modern interior lighting in both small and larger spaces, GE has a whole line of architectural LED accent and cove lighting to give effects like wall washing and layered lighting.  Where other brand lines are unable to provide the right lighting due to their rigid structure, these have been designed to be flexible in order to mold to unique spaces.  When used effectively it is possible to enhance the look of a room and create an inviting atmosphere.  Lighting is one of the more important aspects of a room; it can mean the difference between warm and cozy, and harsh and sterile.  GE strives to create lighting that will give unique architectural spaces a unique lighting experience.

Outdoor Lighting.  When the sun goes down and it’s time to leave the building, nothing can seem more important in that moment than being able to see clearly in dark areas like a parking lot or in a neighborhood.  With GE’s extensive line of LED lighting, any outdoor application is possible.  For practical uses, the Evolve™ line is designed to shine bright in the dark.  Even your walk around the corner to your car stays lit by providing exterior building walls with the Evolve™ series of wall lights.

When a more dramatic yet still practical lighting solution is needed, GE’s Evolve™ line of LED flood lighting will illuminate even the largest of buildings at night while maintaining its cost-saving reputation.  Flood lights aren’t always used on the outside of a building either.  If you have ever attended a sporting event at night, the stadium relies upon flood lighting to keep the game going.  For this reason, GE has developed a special line of stadium lighting called Powr-Spot™ to deliver optimal performance during night games.

Refrigerated Display Lighting.  Lighting in grocery stores serves two purposes:  It makes food easier to see when making a selection, and it also makes food more appealing since it is brightly lit.  The Immersion™ line from GE is designed specifically to meet both of these criteria by creating uniform lighting for any refrigerated cases in a store.  Grocers and places like gas stations that sell refrigerated products benefit from the power of lighting that can govern a customer’s buying decision.  When business owners choose GE products they are able to achieve the right lighting to ultimately help drive revenue.  As with all of GE’s LED products, these bulbs will last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs and give store owners a noticeable money savings for lights that need to stay on during all business hours.

Transportation Lighting.  Speaking of lights that need to stay on during all business hours, illuminated street signs fall right in to that same category alongside their indoor counterparts.  These signs are important marketing materials for companies because they can get their name out there by using bright lights.  Companies like Public Storage can save millions in lighting costs by switching to LED sign lighting.  While these lights are important for marketing purposes, other city lights serve a more important purpose than just lighting up a sign.

Traffic and railroad signals have the most demanding hours: all day and all night.  These are the most significant bulbs that need to stay on be maintained at all times as they are crucial for safe transportation and traffic control.  GE is able to provide just about any kind of transportation and traffic signal lighting, including special applications such as for public transportation.  In a world where people get around by relying on technology, LED lighting is the most reliable source of light used today because of its long-lasting and money-saving energy.

Well-established companies like GE give commercial business owners in Scottsdale the confidence of knowing they are using a quality, reliable product, and GE relies on the feedback of their consumers in order to keep their reputation for continuous innovation.  Because LED lighting is so much more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent bulbs, GE will continue to create cutting edge applications for a technological world.  Commercial businesses rely so much on lighting, and LED lighting helps save them thousands and even millions in revenue each year by making the switch.

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