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[company] specializes in LED retrofit lighting, and with over 10 years of experience in the LED lighting industry they have developed an extensive line of energy efficient LED bulbs for commercial use. The company holds itself to a high standard of excellence, and we at Energy Efficiency Pros are proud to partner with them as one of our key manufacturers. They are recognized for meeting all of the strictest standards, and hold over 50 Energy Star qualifications which makes them one of the most trusted brands in the commercial LED lighting industry. Here are some additional details about the fantastic benefits of using [company]’s LED bulbs for your Scottsdale business.

  1.  All of [company]’s LED light bulbs are retrofit. This makes them an affordable option when making the switch because you are able to get the money-saving benefit of LED lighting without having to commit to the extra cost of changing all the fixtures to fit the bulbs. To give a tangible example, look at this ROI page about a retail store who saved over $3k annually by switching only 100 of its lamps to [company]’s LED bulbs. Between reduced usage of electricity needed to power the bulbs and the potential savings of air conditioning costs, retrofit LED bulbs will pay for themselves in no time!

While retrofit is a great way to test the waters, so to speak, eventually there will be a time when all incandescent bulbs will be phased out and all commercial buildings will need to run on LED or energy efficient lighting. This is backed by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which has slowly been eliminating the manufacture and sale of incandescent bulbs since 2012. In a country where just about everyone is going green, it is an important act that helps buildings be more energy efficient. For example, LED lighting can lower air conditioning costs because of its efficient lighting technology; incandescent bulbs waste up to 90% of their energy on heat rather than light.


  1.  CRI, Color Rendering Index, is the measurement by which accurate color is reproduced. Natural light sits at the top of the scale at 100, and is the number all LED lighting seeks to replicate in its bulbs. Just about all of [company]’s products range from CRI 80 to 95, as well as exceed the Energy Star R9 requirement which accounts for the natural red color in things like food, clothing and skin tones. The reason R9 is important is that it adds another layer of the natural light that instinctively draws the eye of the customer to a particular product. This LED lighting guide helps paint a picture of what [company] does to create this natural-looking light with their line of light bulbs.

Using LED lighting with a high CRI is a big way to generate more profit for your Scottsdale business in a retail setting, using department stores as an example. There is some psychology behind color affecting mood, and certain lighting affects the true color of clothing and can therefore affect mood and buying decisions. The phrase “It looked so different when I tried it on in the store!” isn’t always said because of impulse buys and later regrets about the purchase. More often than not it really did look different in the store, but the reason is because the lighting affected the color the buyer saw. A lovely shade of pink can turn into a harsh shade of red once it’s out of the store and seen in a different light.


Utilities Rebates. Some companies are hesitant to make the switch to LED, oftentimes due to the initial cost of installation. Many utilities companies are now being incentivized to offer rebates to companies for switching to LED lighting. Utilities companies inmost states have one of these rebates programs available, and some reduce the cost by up to 80%. So, on top of the staggering annual savings of running LED lighting solutions that replace incandescent bulbs, utilities companies in most states also help you save money on the installation itself! If there any question as to whether LED lighting will save your company money, the answer is a resounding yes.

ENERGY STAR. [company] is a partner of ENERGY STAR, which means they are a manufacturer who passed all the testing requirements in order to become a partner. It is not an easy feat to meet these rigorous requirements but [company] cuts no corners when it comes to manufacturing the best in LED light bulbs. When a company like [company] is ENERGY STAR certified, you know you will be getting a quality product to ensure you save money and boost sales in industries like retail and restaurants by showing your product’s true colors.

No matter what buying phase your Scottsdale company is in for making the switch to LED lighting, [company] has some of the best quality LED bulbs to suit your commercial LED lighting needs. When you look at the certified quality of LED bulbs they offer you can be assured that Energy Efficiency Pros carries a brand you can trust. Businesses like yours are looking for the best in the LED lighting industry, and [company]’s LED lighting solutions sit in the top tier when it comes to cost-effective, quality lighting.

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