Scottsdale Apartment complexes require a lot of outside lighting in order to create a safe and secure environment for its tenants, especially at night.

The next time you come across one in Scottsdale, try to notice the amount of outside lights you see fixed to the sides of the buildings, in addition to the light poles used in the parking lot. These lights serve multiple purposes, such as lighting up walkways, buildings, staircases and parking lots and garages. You can imagine the amount of electricity required to power all those lights, every single night, throughout just one of tens of thousands of properties in the U.S. alone! The amount of energy used to power these Scottsdale properties can drastically be lowered by using Energy Efficiency Pro’s LED lighting Solutions! LED lighting is incredibly efficient, slashing utilities bills by 50-80%!

Now let’s take a look at a real-world example of the power of [company] LED Lighting Solutions. Desert Garden Apartments, a complex in Glendale, Arizona, was in need of a more energy efficient lighting solution. The wall packs around the outside of the building, as well as the light poles in the parking lot, were high maintenance fixtures that needed to be replaced often. Our Energy Efficiency Pros created an LED retrofit solution that saved them over $20,000 annually on energy consumption. On top of that, because of the high efficiency of LEDs, coupled with utility and tax incentives, the total cost of the job will be paid back in full vin just over two years!


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ECO Insight LED Lighting Alledra LED Lighting Neptun LED Lighting Natura LED Lighting Light Pole LED Lighting Westgate LED Lighting Yaham LED Lighting Earth LED Lighting iglo LED Lighting DAB LED Lighting Energy Bank LED Lighting Energetic LED Lighting Falkor LED Lighting Alset LED Lighting Halco LED Lighting Acuity LED Lighting ATG LED Lighting Ikio LED Lighting Retrolux LED Lighting
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