In a previous article, we outlined the four top benefits of choosing LED lighting over traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting for your business.

Those benefits were:

1. Much longer lifespan
2. More energy efficient
3. More environmentally friendly, and
4. Run at much lower temperatures.

These are far from the only benefits of LED lighting, so we decided to provide four additional benefits! If the first four didn’t help you to make the better lighting choice for your business, these next four should.

Benefit #5: Durable Quality = Less Accidents

LED lamps are much more durable than their traditional incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. They are built with sturdy, robust components that make them difficult to break or be damaged, and enables them to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Traditional lamps can be damaged easily, and don’t function properly in conditions which are too cold. LED lighting, on the other hand, can withstand a much wider range of temperatures. If your current lamps shatter or simply stop working, they can be hazardous for your employees and/or look really bad for your business.

Benefit #6: Design Flexibility = Creative Freedom

LEDs can be combined in any imaginable shape and still provide an ample amount of light. Plus, if you wanted to go all out with something really unique, LED light strips can be installed for cove lighting or even light up an entire wall! Another great thing about LED lamps these days is that they have the ability to be dimmed and brightened to provide a gorgeous, dynamic lighting display. This doesn’t just provide relief for sensitive eyes, but also allows more control to create the display that’s perfect for your business. Traditional lighting is more limited by its rigid design; because LED lamps are comprised of several small light-emitting diodes that can be arranged in several ways (lamps, light strips, and even entire walls) while still providing a high quality of lighting.

Benefit #7: Instant Light = Less Waiting

LED lamps turn on instantly, without needing to warm up. They also do not get damaged or drained if frequently switched on and off the way fluorescent lamps do. You are also able control the direction of the light without an external reflector. Traditional fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs do not share any of these benefits; both require the use of external reflectors in order to focus in a particular direction. And, while incandescent lamps also turn on instantly, the need of reflectors to direct light, coupled with the heat factor still makes them a poor choice for businesses looking to be more energy efficient.

Benefit #8: Low Voltage = Safer Installation

There are now LED lamps that use a much lower voltage, by about ten times, than traditional lamps, making them absolutely perfect for exterior use. One of the best parts about this is that they are also easy to install, and safer due to reduced chance of shock. This can be a big advantage for businesses in remote areas where it might be difficult to find a company to install landscape lighting.

LED lamps require a minimum of only 0.8 V; Incandescent light bulbs require a minimum of 1.5 volts to turn on; and fluorescent light bulbs require a minimum of 100 V. Once a fluorescent light has been ‘charged’ it requires less voltage, but it is still a ridiculously high number when you consider the energy-efficient alternative.

We hope that by now the benefits of switching to energy-efficient LED lighting has become a clear choice for your business. There are so many benefits to choosing LED lighting over traditional choices, including staggering cost savings and reduced maintenance. After reading these two lists of benefits, you now know that they:

1. Have a much longer lifespan
2. Lower energy costs due to their energy efficiency by 50%-80%
3. Reduce your carbon footprint
4. Produce little to no heat
5. Are more robust in construction
6. Allow for more creative flexibility
7. Produce instant light, and
8. Are so efficient that they use a much lower voltage use by about ten times

These factors alone make LED lighting a clear choice for your business.

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