green ledMany businesses today are making a big impact on the world by ‘going green.’ This means that they are trying to make business decision which will serve the environment better. For generations there have been people dedicated towards maintaining and even better the Earth, but this movement has become so much bigger in recent years as we delve more into our actual impact. In the past the green movement has mostly been carried out by individuals, but now more and more businesses are taking part and doing their own share.

A few good reasons to go green include:

  • creating a cleaner Earth for future generations to enjoy
  • giving back to the environment, which completely sustains us
  • reducing the risk of running out of natural resources
  • going green is incredibly cost efficient in the long run

One of the ways businesses can start going green is by switching their lighting to LED bulbs. These bulbs contain no toxic chemicals like traditional lighting, which can contain mercury, lead, and glass bits. Not only are these chemicals harmful to the environment, but they are also harmful to all life forms. Mercury, for example, has the ability to adversely affect the brain, spinal cord, kidneys, and liver.

LED lights also use less energy than traditional lighting. Less energy means that less coal is burned. Many people don’t realize that much of the United State’s electricity is still created by burning coal. With less energy being needed, less coal is burned, and with less coal burned, there are less harmful gases released  into the air. This means your business is leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and the Earth will be a little less polluted.

The final reason why commercial LED lighting can help your business in its quest to go green is because its mostly recyclable. Not only that, but each bulb lasts for what seems like forever. This means that, not only can most of LED lights get recycled when they no longer work, but there will also be less of them disposed of.

Other ways that your company can make an effort to go green include:

  • eliminating or reducing as much paper waste as possible
  • turning off lights when you leave a room
  • making sure to recycle any possible materials
  • plant trees on your commercial property, which filters carbon dioxide into pure oxygen

If your company is trying to go green, switching to commercial LED lighting is a great place to start. They contain no harmful chemicals, use less energy, pollute the Earth less, and allow your company to leave a smaller carbon footprint. All of this, and while saving you money at the same time.

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