ledstreetLED retrofitting and installation are the emerging trend in commercial lighting design, and these practices can be found as closely as Scottsdale. The most-often discussed benefit of LED alternatives is the substantial cost savings that can amount to an 80 percent drop in lighting bills over incandescent bulbs.

LEDs can impress on many other levels, though, and their capabilities in Scottsdale are undersold if the only thing that is considered is the energy efficiency– even though it is impressive.

Simply put: Incandescent and older style fixtures light up rooms; LEDs can run Scottsdale buildings.

The biggest difference between the old and new technology is that LEDs include sensors that give the bulbs control. They are most often used to adjust the brightness of the bulbs, but they can be and are used to collect data on much more than that.

Climate- Sensors on LED fixtures can record what the temperature is like in the room,  and it can be compared to the information from the thermostat. Since the bulbs don’t release heat like incandescents, they are actually able to generate an accurate temperature reading.

Brightness- Fixtures are able to read the natural light in the room and automatically adjust to reflect the amount of light needed. By automatically reducing the wattage used, they are also automatically reducing the already small cost of running them.

Safety- The bulbs can track the different types of usage of space, and that information can be used to verify if there is unauthorized access or uninvited late night guests with sticky fingers. While they don’t have cameras installed on the actual fixtures, the information that is generated could further impact an investigation or corroborate security camera recordings.

Additionally, cities throughout the world have begun installing LED lights in common areas and roadways in order to enhance safety on the streets. The brightness and reliability of LED lights make outdoor and high speed surveillance footage more likely to capture usable images.

Movement- Commercial LED fixtures can have motion sensors that automatically turn off after a period of inactivity. They switch back on immediately after sensing movement.

Usage- Smart bulbs are not only able to sense information, but they can feed the data to a server that tracks the details that they collect. The information indicates what rooms are getting used, what areas are not being utilized and how long the periods of usage or dormancy are. Better yet, there are bulbs that can reliably share how many people are using a space at any given time.

Light (and Sense) The Way

Necessities that were originally designed to only provide light can now be used to create a valuable picture of what is going on within the walls of Scottsdale offices or warehouses. Our data driven world is bolstered by the connection between light fixtures and the engines that drive our day-to-day existence. Now, the bulbs will talk to servers so the building can be optimized for the best usage based on data gathered from something that just looks like it’s lighting the way.

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