led factoryManufacturers have to provide adequate lighting in facilities throughout Scottsdale to ensure that that the safety of employees is always the highest consideration. When working with manufacturing necessities like heavy machinery, chemicals and extreme heat, having the appropriate lighting is just as important as almost every other consideration within a facility. The applications can go as far as guaranteeing the safety of employees and ensuring that efficiency is maintained.

In the past, however, options that guaranteed high quality, bright light in Scottsdale and throughout the county required fixtures and bulbs that were both energy hungry and expensive to use. Older alternatives also needed regular maintenance, and the life cycle of the bulbs was considerably shorter than was convenient. The brightness levels were also static, and that meant that they could not adjust for the current usage without manually being changed. In essence, the lights were either on or off.

Upgrading For Optimization

As Cresline Pipe Manufacturing in Coriscana, Texas has now learned, that is no longer the case. Using Helius High Bay Fixtures with a lighting plan designed by EEPros representative Bill Neukranz with AEEI, Cresline was able to replace more than 120 high bay, 400W fixtures with energy efficient, LED alternatives and smart features.

The Perks Of Smart High Bays

The Heliushigh bays can sense motion and use the activity or lack thereof to adjust the brightness. When employees are using the space, they adjust to 100 percent brightness. When activity ceases for five minutes or longer, the lights reduce to 50 percent intensity. They stay that way until movement prompts them to brighten again. From above the manufacturing floor, the lights can be seen dimming and immediately brightening throughout the day to ensure that every employee has the necessary visual acuity for the task at hand.

The new lighting ensures that areas throughout the manufacturing location stay lit when necessary throughout the entire day, but they save a substantial amount of electricity over more static lighting options. Flexibility ensures that areas where potentially dangerous work may be taking place always have the appropriate amount of light.

Half Or Whole

For other areas throughout the workspace that are not used for manufacturing, the plan utilized motion sensitive lights that turn off entirely after a few minutes of inactivity. This has saved a substantial amount in areas that have less stringent safety regulations because of the kind of work that takes place within them, but they still ensure that rooms and spaces are properly lit once an employee enters.

Brightness Without The Wait

The power on the fixtures is nothing to ignore, and the lights in certain areas of the facility are able to immediately power up to 100 watts without warm up time. Spaces can go from total darkness to entirely illuminated without lag time. Older alternatives required time to achieve full brightness, but the Helius high bays and other fixtures do not have the delay that has been experienced in the past.

The Future Of Lighting Happens In An Instant

Cresline Pipe Manufacturing now enjoys appropriate brightness and high quality light without the high price tag of operating older lighting alternatives. Businesses and governments from Scottsdale to the rest of the country can enjoy the same benefits of reduced energy consumption, immediate brightness, low maintenance costs and long product life cycles.

If similar upgrades could benefit your operation, don’t hesitate to contact your Scottsdale-area EEPros representatives at [number] so they can provide an audit to determine your options and potential savings.

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