larsonledWe often talk about the benefits of using LED lighting solutions in Scottsdale buildings and parking lots, but Larson Electronics has taken the applications one step further by creating a solution that will help workers who maintain the sewers, railways and tanks underneath big cities. The new options present an innovate application for LEDs in settings where safety of the employees is paramount, and they are able to protect people from ongoing potential danger while still being convenient to use.

Up until now, lighting solutions that could provide high quality light in underground situations in Scottsdale and throughout the world have been cumbersome. Setting them up required substantial equipment different than the tools for the actual maintenance project. Previously used fixtures have included tank lights or string lights, and while they were necessary, they were not convenient.

Small Fixtures For Big Improvements

Now, Larson Electronic brings to the market a solution that could save substantial amounts of time and frustration when moving around underground in Scottsdale. The solution includes a low energy LED bulb that provides 1,750 lumens of bright light without needing to be permanently mounted anywhere. The brightness is achieved with only 21 watts, which is less than a quarter of the amount of power typical lights need.

Better yet, the light is easy to use because it is mounted on a circular, aluminum plate that sits where the manhole cover was. The fixture rests around the lip that holds the cover in place when the entry is not in use, and the actual bulb that is placed into the fixture is made of shatterproof glass.

Safety In More Situations

The newly designed alternatives bring a whole new level of safety to working in these potentially dangerous locations because they provide reliable light that is rated for up the 50,000 hours of use. It will be years, if not decades, before the bulbs need replacement, and the power needed to run them is minimal in comparison to previous industrial options. Beyond that, LEDs generate very little heat, so workers are not likely to burn themselves on the fixture when it’s time to move it. They are industrial but still lightweight, and the cage that covers the light provides an added element of security because it is inflexible and preserves the fixture from damage.

More Than Just Energy Efficient. Applications Of New LED Technologies Are Game Changers

We often focus on the potential savings that can come from using LED alternatives, but money isn’t the only thing that can be preserved. New fixtures like the options for underground labor save time and manpower during the temporary “installation”, and they add a level of safety for operations in Scottsdale and throughout the world that cannot be achieved with larger, more cumbersome options. The implementation of shatterproof glass, anodized materials, long life spans and incredible brightness make it possible for safety and security to be paramount while still saving money on equipment and reducing the manpower necessary to operate it.

For more information on innovative solutions that can help your operation save money in the long run while creating a safer environment for employees and reducing your carbon footprint, contact your Scottsdale area EEPros professional for a free energy audit.

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