nobelThe Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in any field, no matter how you look at it. Nobel Laureates are an elite club of the greatest minds in the world, and the lighting industry that we work in, from Scottsdale to anywhere on the globe, can proudly say that the creation of this technology changed the world. The Nobel committee agreed and awarded the creators this top prize at the end of 2014.

LED lighting has provided new options for illumination in businesses throughout Scottsdale, but it has also changed the access to synthetic light as well as capabilities for disinfection for people all over the world. While these contributions now have one of the most powerful accolades in the world, the recognition has not stopped there. In fact, people who have interacted with the technology in different capacities are being recognized for their contributions to the field by their respective organizations.

The latest, the Draper Prize for Engineering, can be added to that list. It was awarded to a team including Isamu Akasaki, M. George Craford, Russell Dupuis, Nick Holonyak Jr and Shuji Nakamura for their contributions to the field from invention to eventual distribution. Two of the winners associated with this award were also in the trio recognized for the Nobel Prize in 2014.

The Draper Prize

While the award does come with a sizable prize, the prestige far surpasses the monetary benefit. Awarded by the National Academy of Engineering, the prize was developed to share awareness of the contributions that members make to the field. In order to be selected for the prize, the invention has to be world changing or provide a significant improvement in access to information for people from across the world.

The Award Winning Invention

The honorees will receive their accolades at the end of February, and they will receive recognition not only for the creation of the initial technology, but also for the implementation into future creations that have further impacted society. What sets this award apart from the Nobel recognition is that it awards the progression of the technology since 1972. The recipients each had a hand in creating some portion of the Light Emitting Diode, some of which were established long before the invention of the blue light that spurred the award of the Nobel Prize.

The first creation, the red LED light, was first generated in 1972. The light was invented by Nick Holonyak, Jr. while working for GE. Since then, each of the recognized individuals has contributed to the effort by either improving the red LED light, creating the yellow LED light, and eventually inventing the blue LED light, which led to the first ever instance of white light that could be used for regular, household and commercial lighting. The progression shows the collaborative effort that was required in order to appreciate the technology that we have today.

More To Come

With the vast improvements in energy efficiency, safer materials and UV power that can be seen as close as Scottsdale and throughout the world, it’s clear that more accolades are to come. LEDs have grown in implementation across the globe, and their indications range from simple lighting to disinfection and safety measures for all communities. The Draper Prize can be added to the list of improvements and recognition that these technologies will continue to garner as they grow and change.

For more information on what these technologies can do for your operation, nonprofit, governmental organization or more, contact your Scottsdale EEPros representative. They’ll be happy to provide an energy audit and walk you through the technology as well as what it can do for you.

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