lef bulbsThere are a number of benefits offered by LED lights in Scottsdale that are not available from other lighting technology. While some of the benefits are obvious, such as energy efficiency, longer life and reduced heat generation, there is another less known feature that offers dramatic productivity and appearance benefits, both now and in the future. This involves the color temperature of the light that is produced by LED bulbs.

The Basics of Lighting Color Temperature Measurement

White light is most commonly referred to by its color temperature. This measurement of white light began back in the later part of the 1800s, when William Kelvin, a British physicist, heated a block of carbon. The heat caused it to change colors, going from a dim red, to shades of yellow, all the way to a bluish white when it reached its highest point. This measurement scale for the color temperatures, was then named after Kelvin and is what is used to determine the brightness and hue of the bulb.

Selecting Your LED Bulb Color

While the traditional incandescent lighting found in Scottsdale offers a yellowish, warm hue, LEDs are available in a wide array of colors. In fact, these bulbs have quite an impressive color range from purple to red, to a spectrum of yellows and whites. However, when you are looking for lighting in your home, you will likely be seeking something that is similar to what incandescent lights produce.

The most popular color options for LED lighting is bright white, soft white or warm white. The warm and soft white options produce a yellow hue, which is closest to incandescent bulbs, while the bulbs labeled bright white produce a light that is whiter, closer to natural daylight and what is often seen in retail stores in Scottsdale.

As mentioned before, the color of LED bulbs is actually the color temperature and measured in kelvins. This means the lower number you choose, the more yellow, or warm, light you will see. For example, the majority of incandescent bulbs are between 2,700 and 3,500K, if this is the color you would like to see, it is the range you should look for when shopping for the LED bulbs.

Dimming LED Bulbs

Due to the circuitry, LED bulbs are not always going to be compatible with your traditional dimming switches found in Scottsdale residences. In a number of cases, the switch will have to be replaced, but other times you can simply pay a bit more for a compatible LED bulb.

The majority of dimmers, which were likely designed to work with incandescent bulbs, actually work by minimizing the amount of electricity going to the bulb. When less electricity is being drawn, the light will appear dimmer. However, with LED bulbs, there is no correlation between the brightness of the bulb and the amount of energy being drawn.

If you want dimmable LED bulbs, you should either find LED bulbs that state they are compatible with the traditional dimmers, or replace the existing dimmer switch you have with one that is LED compatible.

There is no question that LED bulbs offer a number of benefits, but it is important to know that these bulbs represent more of an investment, with the savings being seen over time, rather than right away. When you know what color temperature will work best in your space, you will be able to make the right choice, ensuring your investment is worthwhile.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of LED bulbs and how to choose the right color for your Scottsdale home, visit the EEPros.com website.

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