SONY DSCThe CFL light bulb works a bit differently than the traditional incandescent bulb you are likely accustomed to in Scottsdale. Incandescent bulbs feature a wire filament, which is what the current of electricity runs through, causing it to heat up and produce light. The electric current in CFL bulbs move into a tube containing argon and tiny amounts of mercury vapor. This creates an ultraviolet light, which then creates a fluorescent coating inside the tube and the light you see.

While the CFL bulb requires more energy when initially turned on, once the flow of electricity moves into the bulb, they use approximately 70 percent less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs. This is one of the factors that makes this type of bulb so appealing.

Another appealing feature of using CFL bulbs in Scottsdale is that there are a number of shapes and sizes to choose from, based on your particular needs. The various options can be found here.

Spiral Bulbs

This is the most popular type of CFL bulb and may even be one you use in your own Scottsdale home or business. It creates the same level of light as incandescent bulbs, but with much less energy use.

A-Shaped Bulbs

This bulb combines the spiral bulb’s efficiency with the look and feel of a traditional incandescent bulb. This bulb is designed to give you the traditional light bulb look and superior efficiency. These bulbs are able to be used everywhere regular bulbs are, including smaller, desk lamps.

Globe Shaped Bulbs

These bulbs are ideal for ceiling pendants or bathroom vanity bars. They require a little time to heat up to achieve full brightness, but once they reach full power, they provide as much light as a traditional bulb.

Tubed Bulbs

These are essentially a straightened out version of the spiral bulbs. They work well in lamps that have a slender cover, such as a wall sconce.

Candle Bulbs

These are best used in any decorative fixtures where you can see the light bulb. The sleep shape will allow you to use them in a fixture that has limited space and where a globe will not fit.

Post Bulbs

These are best suited for your outdoor fixtures since manufacturers design them to stand up to various outdoor conditions. They are also offered in a yellow “bug light” covered post, which is specifically designed to repel insects.

Learning about the various types of CFL bulb shapes and sizes will help you determine what type you need for your Scottsdale home or business. There is no question these bulbs offer a number of benefits, with the most appealing being significant energy and cost savings, but finding the right one can help ensure the style of your home is not disturbed by the CFL bulbs you choose.

For more information about CFL bulb sizes and shapes and which is best for your needs, visit the website.

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