ledsIt’s no secret that advances in technology have resulted in better energy efficiency in everything from cars to air conditioning units.  Lighting is no exception.  In fact, many governments worldwide have banned incandescent light bulbs from being manufactured or sold and now require businesses and residents to use more energy efficient lighting solutions instead.  The most popular alternative to traditional lighting solutions is the LED lightbulb.  But like everything else, not all lightbulbs are created equally.

Let’s take a look at how as a resident of [city], you can find the most energy efficient lightbulbs for your needs.


Traditional lightbulbs require at least 50 watts to properly light an entire room. Unfortunately, higher wattage bulbs require more energy to run, which means the cost to light a room can really start to add up.  Before you purchase LED lights, take a look at their wattage levels. Select LED light bulbs that run on 5-7 watts of power – and then sit back and watch as your electricity bill decreases, without reducing the amount of illumination.


You may be tempted to purchase LED light bulbs on the cheap, but be aware of the fact that these options may be less efficient than their branded counterparts. Purchasing branded LED lighting fixtures may seem expensive at first, but when you factor in the amount of cost savings that you stand to gain from its efficient energy consumption capabilities, the cost can be readily justified.

Light Quality

Take the time to acquaint yourself with the light quality that the bulb emits. [city] residents who fail to do so may be disappointed when they find that the lights they’ve purchased emit a light that is glaring and far too harsh. There are a variety of LED bulb type, so be on the lookout for bulbs that provide the light quality that you wish to be exposed to.

Warranty Period

The life span of LED lighting fixtures may last for about 2 decades but you still need to check the warranty associated with the brand you plan on purchasing.  Don’t buy LED light bulbs that don’t provide you with a warranty. Ideally, look for LED lights that come with a 10 year warranty.

If you’re a [city] resident and trying to figure out ways to lower your energy bill, don’t overlook lighting.  After all, recent reports have found that lighting accounts for anywhere between 12-18% of an average energy bill. If cost savings if your end goal, the tips we’ve outlined here will help you easily transition over to LED lighting so that you too can experience that same type of energy reduction that so many [city] residents already have.