led lightingChances are you have heard quite a bit about how beneficial changing your existing lights to LED bulbs. However, do you really know what the benefits are? LED lighting is, by far, the most energy efficient, cleanest and eco-friendly way to illuminate a space. Some of the specific benefits of LED lighting for Scottsdale are highlighted here.


This is perhaps the most appealing benefit offered by LED lights. LED diodes and bulbs have a superior operational life expectancy of as much as 100,000 hours. This equates to 11 years of continued use, or 22 years of 50 percent operation. If you were to leave the LED bulb on for eight hours, each day, then it would take approximately 20 years for the bulb to go out.

Energy Efficient

When LED bulbs are used in Scottsdale they operate with an estimated energy efficiency of up to 80 percent. This means that approximately 90 percent of the electrical energy is actually converted to light, while only 20 percent is lost or converted into other energy forms, including heat. Traditional incandescent bulbs operate at 20 percent efficiency, which means that 80 percent of the energy is lost as heat. As a result, the cost to run the bulbs are much less, since most of the energy is not being lost.


There are no toxic chemicals found in LED lighting. The majority of conventional fluorescent bulbs include a number of different materials such as mercury that are extremely dangerous for the environment. There are no toxic materials in LED bulbs and they are considered 100 percent recyclable.


LED bulbs are designed with sturdy components that are extremely rugged and able to withstand even the roughest environment and conditions. Since LED lights are resistant to external impacts, vibrations and shock, they are ideal for outdoor lighting systems.

Zero Emissions

When you install LED bulbs in Scottsdale they produce very little infrared light and virtually no UV emissions. Due to this, the LED lighting options are suitable for materials and goods that are sensitive to heat, as well as ideal for illumination of objects that are UV sensitive.


LED lights are able to be combined in virtually any shape to provide extremely efficient illumination. Individual LED bulbs ae able to be dimmed, as well, providing the ability to control the color, light and light distribution.

Ability to Operate in Extreme Hot or Cold

LEDs are ideal for being operated under extremely hot or cold temperatures. When fluorescent lamps are put in cold weather, it can affect their ability to operate properly. However, Led will operate well in cold or hot settings.

Dispersement of Light

LED bulbs have been designed to focus the light and it can be directed in a certain location without the use of any type of external reflector, which helps to achieve a higher efficiency than conventional lighting options. Any well-designed illumination system will be able to deliver light much more efficiently to the specific location.

Instant Lighting

Once turned on, the LED bulbs will brighten up right away, which offers a number of benefits for infrastructure projects such as signal lights and traffic.


LED lighting is considered a low voltage option. This means that it can be used in outdoor settings for rural or remote areas.

When you consider all the benefits offered by LED lighting in Scottsdale you can see how this just makes sense for residential and business purposes. It will ensure that you get the illumination you need, without the high costs and frequent replacement of traditional lighting options.

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