restaurant-791207_640As a small business owner in Scottsdale, you already know that controlling costs is a major factor for long-term business success. Roughly 25 percent of all business owners claim that energy costs are one of their three largest business expenses.  For others, however, the cost of energy is their greatest business expense, far surpassing operating costs including supplies, materials, salaries and benefits.

To remain profitable, savvy business owners must constantly seek out ways to trim costs without affecting the operations of their businesses.  One cost that is often overlooked is the cost of lighting.  Fortunately, minor tweaks in something as simple as your lighting can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.  Think it’s far fetched?  You won’t after learning about how LED light bulbs can benefit your business.

1. You’ll see a reduction in power consumption

Compared to CFLs, LED lighting systems use 50 percent less energy. LED bulbs convert energy into light, instead of heat, which is what traditional lighting systems do.

2. You won’t need to replace the bulbs as often

LED lights last up to 10 times longer than CFLs and fluorescent lights. In fact, a single LED light bulb can last for up to 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to nearly 11 years of continuous use. If your business operates for exactly eight hours a day, it will take 20 years before you need to replace an LED light bulb. Think of how much you’ll save when you switch to LEDs – not only on energy consumption but also on bulb replacements, especially when you couple this with the fact that the bulbs are extremely durable.

3. You’ll be doing the environment a HUGE favor

LED lighting fixtures don’t contain mercury and other toxic chemicals.  They are recyclable as well. LEDs don’t give off UV radiation either, which means they are kind to the skin.

4. You’ll enjoy more lighting flexbility

The directional nature and small size of LED lights make them quite versatile for various uses. They can be dimmed. Their light can be focused on particular locations without the use of any external reflectors, which is why they are used in industrial and commercial applications including task lighting, outdoor area lighting, parking garage lighting and street lighting.

BONUS: you can take advantage of energy subsidies

Did you know that private organizations, power authorities and some states offer low interest loans and grants so that small businesses like yours can lower their energy consumption levels by switching to LED lights? If you are located in Scottsdale, check with your local power company for available subsidies. If you have already installed LEDs, you may be eligible for rebates, so be sure to make the necessary calls to see if you qualify.

And there you have it, some of the most important reasons why business owners in Scottsdale are using LED lighting systems instead of using CLFs and fluorescents. Aren’t they good enough reasons for you to make the switch?

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