light-300431_640As a business owner, how many times do you REALLY think about the costs of your utility bills? If you’re like most business owners in Scottsdale, there are typically more pressing matters to tend to than scrutinizing energy consumption.  But, perhaps you should… after all, analyzing your current utility bills may help you identify ways you can trim operating costs, which in turn, will result in a more profitable business overall.

So, how do you go about conducting this type of audit?  For starters, you should conduct a lighting efficiency inventory.  After all, 40% of your monthly power bill consists of energy consumption needed for lighting.  In conducting this inventory, you’ll likely discover that some upgrades are in order, especially when you consider that upgrading your indoor lighting system alone could reduce your lighting energy cost by 50 percent. In fact, upgrading to LED lighting can almost immediately reduce your energy consumption and overhead costs.

Here are additional reasons why you may want to consider LED lighting options.

  1. A lighting retrofit pays for itself in the long run.Yes, an LED retrofit can be costly upfront, which is why many business owners in Scottsdale are reluctant to make the change. If you look at the long-term savings you’ll see simply by using energy-efficient LED lights, however, the upfront costs are a drop in the bucket in comparison to the savings.
  2. Maintenance costs are reduced. LED lighting fixtures are built to be both durable and tough.  They stand up to even the harshest weather conditions, which means you’ll spend less time maintaining and replacing them.
  3. Better lighting improves sales and personnel productivity.LED lights improve the quality of light in the workplace, helping workers to do their jobs better since they are able to see even the smallest details and are not blinded by glare. This type of consistent lighting keeps staff alert, preventing mid-afternoon doldrums. In retail businesses in Scottsdale, LED lighting fixtures present a very welcoming environment and show off products the way they are meant to be seen, encouraging customers to buy.
  4. LED retrofitting decreases lighting inventory.By replacing your current lighting fixtures with the more modern and energy-saving LED lights, you’ll reduce the number of light bulbs required to provide appropriate and adequate lighting to your shop or workplace.
  5. Lighting upgrades increase security in the workplace. Using LED lights removes the risk of using lighting fixtures that contain high-pressure sodium and mercury. With the appropriate lighting design, you promote both security and safety on the interior and exterior of your business.

Conducting a lighting efficiency inventory for your business in Scottsdale will help you identify ways you can significantly cut your monthly utility bills while increasing profits, providing a better and safer workplace, and saving time, money and energy.

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