living-room-728732_640Often the most important aesthetic element of a space goes unnoticed: its lighting. If you’re looking for lighting for your Scottsdale home or business, it is important to invest enough time and effort into finding the ideal lighting solution. Poorly selected light fixtures can lead to dim, unattractive views, while good quality lighting will instantly pick up any room. It is important to select both the right type of lighting and the correct bulbs. If you have no idea where to begin, don’t fret; it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Opt for LED Lighting for Your Scottsdale Home or Business

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” A diode is an electrical component which conducts electricity in a single direction. Diodes are typically used in the screens of technologies such as televisions and computers. LED lighting is now the single most energy and cost efficient form of lighting available. Energy efficiency is highly sought after these days, and for good reason. Energy-efficient lighting can shave hundreds of dollars off of your utility bills. Plus, it’s good for the environment, as it lessens the use of nonrenewable energy sources, which currently account for nearly 90% of energy production in the United States.

LED lighting is more efficient because it uses less energy. It also produces less heat compared to other leading light types. For example, a halogen light bulb must be hundreds of degrees hot to burn properly and emit light. In contrast, you can touch an LED light with your bare hands without a problem, even though an LED light burns much more brightly than a halogen light (or indeed, any other type of light). LED light bulbs are also more flexible, as they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also more durable and last much longer than traditional incandescents—in fact a typical LED light bulb can last decades before it needs changing.

Picking LED Bulbs

Brightness – LED light bulbs are marked and marketed differently than other types of light bulbs. Lumens (lm) are the measurement of brightness provided by LED light bulbs. 450lm is the equivalent of a 40 watt bulb, 800lm the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb, 1100 lm the equivalent of a 75 watt bulb, 1600 lm the equivalent of a 100 watt bulb, and 2600 lm the equivalent of a 150 watt bulb.

Shape – LED light bulbs come in many different shapes, the primary of which are flood, spotlight, globe, candle, and A-line.  Spotlights are best fort rack lighting, flood lights are ideal for outdoor areas, LED candles are best for decorative fixtures, and A-line bulbs are best suited to room lighting and certain lamps.

Color – LED light bulbs are much more versatile than other bulbs, and come in many different colors. The most popular colors are “warm white” or “soft white” and “bright white.” The former two produce a warmer, yellow hue, similar to incandescent lights. These are ideal for mood lighting and “cozier” lighting. Bright white is very bright and similar to what you’d see in retail stores.

Fixture base — Be sure you match the base of the light bulb to your fixture. Screw-in bases come in the following types: miniature candelabra, candelabra, intermediate and medium.

Affordable and Efficient Lighting from EEPros

EEPros are professional lighting experts with years of experience in the lighting industry. We provide private residences and commercial businesses in Scottsdale with LED lighting solutions that are practical, beautiful, and energy efficient. Our LED lights use significantly less energy, emit less heat, illuminate much more brightly, and last much longer than other leading light types. For energy-efficient LED light bulbs at competitive rates, contact EEPros today.

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