hands-981400_640As we age, our eyes change. Sometimes, the changes are subtle; so subtle in fact, they continue unnoticed, until reaching a certain severity. At this point, it may be necessary to find alternative ways to make life easier, including making changes to the type of lighting being used.

Another important fact about aging eyes is they require a different quality of light, since less light will reach the retina. If you’re a senior living in Scottsdale, you’ll likely experience an increased sensitivity to glare and motive that your eyes are unable to adapt as quickly as they once did to changes in light levels, such as going from a dark to bright room, or vice versa. Many elderly people are also afflicted with eye diseases that accompany age, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts, enhancing the severity and impact of these other issues.

Due to age-related vision loss, falls, fractures and other injuries among people over the age of 60 increase by 200 percent. An effective way to help prevent these issues is to offer an even level of light. The ideal way to do this is by implementing the use of LED lighting fixtures.

Why Use LED Lighting in Your Home?

During the daytime hours, most homes have sufficient light; however, when the sun sets, the amount of light in a space needs to be increased. You may find that you need up to three lamps in a room to see sufficiently when traditional light bulbs are used.  Using LED-powered lamps and fixtures in your Scottsdale home may be a helpful alternative solution to this.

Also keep in mind that traditional halogen bulbs can become extremely hot, while LED bulbs are only a fifth of the temperature.  This, in turn, may significantly reduce the number of burn-related injuries you experience when changing your light bulbs.

The Challenges of Using LED Bulbs for the Elderly

This is not to say that LEDs don’t still present some challenges, however. Because the light is so bright, it can sometimes create issues with glare. It is important to block any direct view of the LED bulb since this will eliminate the potential for this type of problem arising. Direct viewing of the light can be minimized by using reflectors, lampshades, lenses, louvers or baffles. The end goal is to minimize the brightness of the LED bulb that may create a glare and to increase your comfort as it relates to lighting your home.

Other You May Benefit from LED Bulbs in Scottsdale

Sufficient task lighting is another important consideration if you’re a senior living in Scottsdale. Activities like reading, knitting and eating require focused, bright light. LED’s make it easier for you to focus light on whatever you may be doing. When you read a book, LED’s make it easier for you to focus light on your book. If you are sitting at a table, you can position it to focus more on your utensils and plates.

Mounting LED bulbs under bed rails or along corridors, such as hallways, can also be beneficial. Doing so helps to illuminate the area, which in turn reduces the risk of trips and falls. In kitchens, LED lighting can be used in food preparation areas, minimizing the potential to cut your fingers.

As you can see, LED bulbs are a smart, energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting option that can make your life brighter – and safer.  You don’t need to suffer from a reduction in the quality of your life because you are unable to see well. With LED bulbs your home, you can live safely and comfortably, even when age related vision issues are present.

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