bathroom-728740_640 (1)Smart LED light bulbs are smart for a good reason. Packed with extra features not found in any other light bulb, smart LEDs do so much more than sit in a socket and emit light. For example, the majority of smart LEDs can be wirelessly connected to an app on your phone or mobile device, opening the door to countless possible applications and features.

If you’re thinking of buying smart LED light bulbs for your [city] home, but aren’t quite sold just yet, here are a few things smart LEDs are capable of doing, which should help you make a final purchase decision.

They’re Dimmable

While dimmable light bulbs are not a new thing,—dimming first appeared with incandescent light bulbs—, with smart LEDs, you can dim them without having to use a controller installed on the wall or fixture itself. Instead, the Wi-Fi enabled smart LED can be directly controlled on its app on your smart device. Simply dim or brighten your lights on the app according to your liking.

You Can Control Them From Anywhere

Anywhere with an Internet connection, that is. Smart bulbs such as the GE Link light bulbs and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs work with existing Wi-Fi and mobile data networks, allowing users to control them from their mobile devices from anywhere in the world. You can dim, switch on, switch off, and even schedule the lights to activate and deactivate at specific times of the day. This feature also gives your home an added element of safety and security, especially when you’re on vacation and want your home to appear as if someone is inside.  Or, better yet, when you want to return to a home with all the lights on.

You Can Change their Colors

Many smart LED bulbs can also change their colors upon command. For example, the Flux Smart LED Light Bulb can produce an astonishing combination of more than 16 million colors—all of which can be selected on the device’s app, which has an easy to use color wheel.

But why would you want LEDs that change color? It used to be that when buying a light bulb, you were stuck with the color of light it produced. But with smart LEDs, if you want a warm glow inside your living room, simply switch to gold yellow on the app. If you want to increase alertness, say in the kitchen, switch to a cool blue/white hue. If you’re feeling festive during Christmas, switch your LEDs to green and red. The possibilities are endless!

They Can Play Music

Some smart LEDs even have built-in speakers that stream music from your mobile device. The Playbulb Color also has LEDs that pulsate and switch colors to match the beat of the music being played—now you have your very own party lighting system.

All these features are just the tip of the iceberg. As LED technology continues to improve, new features are constantly being added, such as Wi-Fi routing, Li-Fi, lighting therapy, and much more.