By now you’ll have heard of the many benefits of using LED light bulbs inside your Scottsdale home. But have you considered converting your outdoor lighting to LEDs as well? Obviously, you get the same energy efficiency and long lifespan LEDs are known for, but you also get a number of added benefits that can make your outdoor spaces shine.

1. Brighter Light

When it comes to lighting quality and brightness, nothing comes close to LED light bulbs. The bright, crisp light emitted by a typical LED can illuminate large areas, allowing you to use fewer bulbs to light an outdoor space compared to typical halogen lamps and CFLs.

2. Lower Heat Levels

Each LED light bulb contains several diodes that work together to produce light. Under these diodes is a large heat sink that helps dissipate heat efficiently. This results in a bulb that’s cool to the touch, even when used for extended periods.

For outdoor applications, this means you don’t have to worry about your LED light bulbs turning into a fire hazard. LEDs are also more durable than halogens and CFLs, capable of withstanding both extreme heat and cold.

3. Instant-On

One of the biggest advantages LEDs have over incandescent bulbs and CFLs is their ability to generate their full brightness the second they’re switched on. This means you no longer have to wait a few seconds for your outdoor lights to warm up and completely generate their full light—an important safety feature if you want to use LEDs for your emergency flood lights.

4. LEDs Don’t Attract Bugs

Don’t you just hate being bitten by bugs when you’re in your porch or backyard at night? It’s probably because of your lights, or to be more specific, the UV light in your outdoor lighting, which attracts all kinds of insects. LEDs, on the other hand, don’t emit UV light, completely eliminating this problem.

5. Wide Variety of Colors

Want to add color to your nighttime landscapes, or maybe just want to draw people’s attention to interesting focal points, like a pond or tree? LEDs are perfect for this purpose as just one bulb is capable of generating a wide range of colors, from yellow, red, blue, to orange, purple, and green. If you want to create a relaxing mood, simply switch to a soft yellow color. If you want a more festive atmosphere, you can play around with purple, blue, or green lighting effects.

6. You Can Automate Your Outdoor Lights

Smart LED bulbs are the newest and most exciting thing in LED lighting in recent years.  They can be connected to your wireless network, which then allows you to control your lights from a smartphone app. You can even create schedules for your lights to automatically switch on and off at specific times of the day. You can say goodbye to coming home to a dark house after work, or waking up early in the morning to switch off your lights.

The flexibility of LED lighting gives them a wide range of potential applications. From general indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, to automotive and smart automated lighting, the possibilities are endless with LEDs.

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