All it takes to give your Scottsdale home a beautiful glow is using the right set or combination of LED light bulbs. Specifically, you need the appropriate color of light for your desired lighting application or atmosphere.

A light bulb’s color can dramatically enhance your living spaces, giving life to your interior design and giving each area a specific mood. The right kind of light color can turn any boring room into something that looks like a set for a home and garden magazine shoot.

How to Choose the Right Light Color

When choosing an LED bulb, or any light bulb for that matter, many buyers get confused with the wide array of colors and color temperatures available.

With LED bulbs, the most popular color choices are warm white, cool white, and daylight. The color of a light bulb is measured using the Kelvin (K) scale. For example, warm white LEDs are 2700K to 3200K, daylight is between 4000K to 4500K, and cool white is between 5000K to 6200K.

So, what parts of your Scottsdale home should you use specific colors of light? Below are some tips to guide you when choosing the right color of light bulb for your living spaces.

Warm White

Warm white lights are ideal for setting warm and cozy atmospheres. Think of areas where you’d want to hang out with your family or friends to relax and just chill. Think of places like the dining room or living room—areas where people naturally congregate to talk and relax. Warm white lights are also great for bedrooms as the glow they generate is bright enough without being too harsh.

Cool White

For a more modern and contemporary look, cool white LED bulbs are perhaps the best choice, giving a clear, fresh glow to any space they illuminate. With their bright white glow and slightly bluish hue, cool white LEDs have the effect of giving energy to your home’s spaces. This makes them perfect for areas that require alertness and productivity, such as the kitchen or garage.


Although light bulbs still have a long way to go until they can perfectly replicate the beautiful glow of natural and consistently-changing sunlight, daylight LEDs are perhaps next best thing out there. Daylight LEDs are ideal for spaces where you need a bright light that looks natural but doesn’t have the bluish hue of cool white lights. These versatile lights can be used in almost any area of your home.

Make the most out of your LED bulbs by choosing the right color for the space you’ll be using the bulb in. Not only will they enhance the look of the space, LEDs can help reduce your electricity costs and maintenance bills. And don’t limit yourself to just one color. Mixing two colors can also give you a unique and modern look.

If you can’t choose which color to get. Your best bet is to get a smart LED bulb that will allow you to change the color of the light using an app. This way, you can customize and adjust the bulb’s color and brightness to whatever you please. These bulbs are a bit on the pricier side of things, but they offer a wide range of customization features that will give you the perfect lighting you’re looking for.

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