Even with a fancy bed, nice sheets, and perfect furniture, there’s a good chance your [city] home’s bedroom will still look bland if it’s missing a key ingredient: lighting.

With the right lighting, any bedroom can transform into a romantic getaway. It’s one of the reasons why rooms in 5-star hotels look so inviting—the warm, yellow light might as well be sending a direct message to your brain to relax. The good news is that lighting is also one of the more affordable projects you can do to change the look and feel of your bedroom. In this guide, we will tell you how to give your bedroom the romantic lighting upgrade it needs.

1. Layer Your Lights

Your bedroom lighting should be separated into three layers:

  • General lighting – As the name suggests, this is your overall source of lighting, generating enough light to let you see where you’re going and what you’re doing in the room. General lighting should never be harsh—for best results, use warm LED light bulbs for recessed downlights.
  • Task lighting – Task lights let you clearly see what you’re doing. Examples include the small lights inside your closet and bedside tables, which let you find clothes and read comfortably, respectively.
  • Accent lights – These lights give life and character to a room, often acting as decorative pieces themselves

2. String Lights

String lights are the perfect example of modern accent lights for a romantic bedroom, adding flair and a touch of softness to the room.

They are also pretty inexpensive so you can redecorate your bedroom without breaking the bank. Wrap these around your bed post or headboard, hang them along the wall behind the bed, or behind sheer fabric hanging from the windows. Use colored string lights for a pop of color, or clear ones for a more subtle look.

3. Candle Lights

These days, you no longer have to light up dozens of candles to have a romantic night in your bedroom. Battery-powered candles give you the beautiful flickering effect of candlelight without being fire hazard. You can find several kinds of candle lights in your nearest Home Depot, some even having remote controls and features that let you change their color.

4. Ditch the Thick Curtains

Who says a bedroom is only romantic at night? During the day, let in as much natural light as you can. But be sure to diffuse the often-harsh sunlight that enters your room by using sheer curtains instead of thick drapes. This allows natural light to pass through, making the room brighter, but not at the cost of glare and privacy.

5. Go Natural

When choosing light fixtures like desk lamps and floor lamps, try to choose fixtures made from natural materials (or at least look like they’re made from them). For example, wood and stone elements help make your room’s interior design appear softer.

Even metal elements look more delicate when they have details that remind you of nature. Avoid pieces with rough or pointed edges—instead, choose fixtures with smooth and curvy features.

6. Install Dimmers

Finally, the easiest way to add a romantic touch to your bedroom is to dim your lights. You will find dimming controllers available in almost any hardware and home improvement store. Just be sure your lights are actually compatible with dimmers. For best results, use LED light bulbs.

Adding soft touches to your bedroom lighting can make a big difference. Follow these lighting tips to create a romantic and relaxing space with ease.