Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to give the rooms in your home a new look. Sure, it’s nice to have new furniture and décor, but even the small things like a fresh coat of paint or new lighting can make a world of difference in the interior design of a room. By simply changing your light fixtures, you can give your interior spaces a fresh look.

That being said, the challenge with home lighting is figuring out the details. In this guide, we cover a number of interior lighting trends, which should help you as you make your design choices.

1. Soft Gold

Soft colors are dominating the interior design landscape this year. Soft gold, in particular, goes well with both contemporary and classic designs. It’s right in the middle of brushed gold and brushed silver, and looks stunning when used together with matte silver or grey. It also makes a simple light fixture look more luxurious without giving the room a dated look. Think of soft gold as a modern version of bright brassy gold.

2. Retro-Industrial Design with a More Refined Finish

When we think of industrial design, we often think of neutral colors, rustic finishes, and a heavy emphasis on metal. Industrial design is coming back but with a more modern and refined finish. Some refer to it as upgraded industrial or modern retro. These industrial light fixtures are characterized by their vivid and richer colors and details. These fixtures look more like art pieces than light fixtures, making them perfect as a centerpiece in a room.

3. Vintage Light Bulbs

Edison-style bulbs have a classic and beautiful look that will never go out of style. These types of bulbs are perfect for spaces with a retro-industrial theme, whether it’s offices, restaurants, or retail spaces. Their rounded shape also gives them a homey look, making them ideal as living room and kitchen light fixtures. Leave these bulbs bare, hanging from wires, or in cage-style pendants.

4. Art Deco and Mid-century Styles

Mid-century and art deco modern styles are a favorite among interior designers these days. Think popular sputnik chandeliers and geometric lamps made with unique materials like stained glass and metal. These fixtures give you that Great Gatsby feel and are ideal pieces as accent lights. A modern art deco lamp on a desk or table is both a useful task light and a beautiful decorative piece.

5. Switching to LEDs

A few years ago, consumers would think about switching to LEDs because of the high initial cost of these bulbs. Today, however, LED light bulbs have never been cheaper. Not only that, several modern LED bulbs come with an assortment of smart features, such as wireless network connectivity, dimming, color switching, and even playing music.  And to top it all off, LEDs are vastly superior when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity.

If you’re thinking of a remodel in your [city] home, be sure to start with lighting and keep these trends in mind.