Many people find flush mount lights boring, even downright ugly, but these fixtures can be a fantastic choice for ambient or general lighting in your [city] home. Most of us associate flush mount fixtures with that lone ceiling light at the center of the room, usually featuring some sort of frosted glass finish, which hides a few dim light bulbs.  True enough, this image isn’t exactly inspiring. The key, however, is to find fixtures with the right design. Do that, and your flush mount lights can do more than just illuminate a room.

There are 3 ways you can go about using flush mount lights in your home. We go over each style’s unique quirks below.

1. Choose a Design that Matches the ‘Look’ of the Room

You can choose a flush mount light that blends in with the rest of your room.

If your room has a rustic feel to it, then don’t be afraid to go old school with your flush mount lights, which can feature brass or wrought iron details and light bulbs with a warm glow. Restoration or vintage style interiors will look even more amazing with an antique flush mount light that features dangling details or stained-glass covers.

For modern homes, choose fixtures with contemporary silhouettes, graphic patterns on the glass covers, or other details that make them a little out of the ordinary. Modern interior designs will look more put together with a fixture with gritty industrial details like metal housing and exposed incandescent-style LED bulbs.

2. When in Doubt, Stick to Something Sleek and Simple

Less can indeed be more. Contemporary, clean silhouettes are usually what work best with flush mount lights. In most rooms, these fixtures will happily blend in with other design elements like furniture, art, and other lights like floor lamps and sconces.

In modern interiors, a simple flush mount light can complement what you already have in the room. Circles, rectangles, and squares are the most popular style choices, but you can jazz things up by choosing a design with a stronger outline.

  • Smooth metal finishes paired with frosted glass can blend in well with almost any modern interior design
  • Other options like dimming capabilities give your flush mount lights more character and functionality

3. Or, You Could Be Dramatic and Daring

Whoever said that flush mount lights can’t make a room look more interesting is just choosing the wrong fixtures. You can find many flush mount lights that can be a room’s centerpiece or focal point.

  • Flush mount lights with decorative features like sparkling crystals and chrome accents can grab people’s attention the second they step into the room.
  • Size is another way to grab attention—the larger your flush mount fixture, the better (of course, this depends on the size of the room).
  • Luxurious designs elevate the uniqueness of the fixture without becoming too bulky in overhead spaces.

Do note that dramatic and daring flush mount lights work best in rooms with high ceilings. In addition, you’ll want to watch out for shadows that may be created by the unique materials and silhouettes of the flush mount light.

Keep these 3 schools of thought in mind when choosing flush mount lights to create a space that’s both well-lit and beautiful.