Although most people tend to stick to the basics when lighting their homes, there are many uncommon tricks you can use to illuminate your [city] home in creative ways. Remember, lights not only serve a practical use, they can also be decorative pieces in their own right.

Below are five fresh ideas you can use when livening up your rooms with light.

1. Use a Low Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are widely used for general lighting or task lighting, especially when placed next to a chair or sofa. Some floor lamp designs, however, balance functionality and design. For example, lamps that sit low to the ground provide ambient “mood” lighting and can give the space a modern look. Try placing them next to chairs and sofas, bookcases, or even in the corner of a small space.

2. Use Hanging Pendants as Bedside Lamps

Want to free up space next to your bed for photos, books, your phone, or things that you want to keep close? Instead of using the usual bedside table lamp, try a beautiful pendant, which only frees up space next to your bed, but also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. And don’t forget, it’s still a task light that lets you see any book you’re reading before tucking in.

3. Jazz Up Your Bathroom with a Chandelier

A chandelier in a bathroom? Why not? It’s classy, decorative, glamorous, and makes for a great ambient light fixture. Place the chandelier in the center of the room or above the tub if you have one. For low ceilings, you can still pull this look off by installing smaller chandeliers that sit closer to the ceiling. For the most flattering results, use warm LED light bulbs, which are perfect for relaxing during long soaks in the tub.

4. Double-duty Light Objects in the Bath

When it comes to bathrooms, you don’t need to stick to traditional light fixtures to brighten things up. You have other options such as strip lights, fairy lights, and even LED mirrors, all of which give off plenty of light for day-to-day bathroom activities. They’re also beautiful to boot. Just make sure you choose lights that are bright enough for the bathroom, otherwise, you’ll need to add more fixtures.

5. Light Art Installations

What could be more artistic than a light art installation? These sculptural light fixtures add artistic flair to any room, all while serving the practice purpose of providing light. Many of these artistic light fixtures can be used indoors or outdoors; they can also come as wall lights or as hanging fixtures. Your options are limitless, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Lights are probably the cheapest, quickest, and most effective way to jazz up any space. But following the basic rules of lighting often leads to a basic looking space, so it’s a great idea to play around with light bulbs and fixtures to give a room more character and life.