Whether you’re setting up a major area of the house or renovating one of your bathrooms, it’s important that you spend some time thinking about what lights to use in any given space of your Scottsdale home. Most would often choose basic fixtures that just work—basically, they produce light, but don’t really add anything in terms of decorative appeal. Remember, light fixtures don’t just generate light, they can also enhance the aesthetics of any room.

In other words, don’t be boring with your lighting. Here are 5 things to remember to make sure your home lighting is on point.

Classic and Sharp

Consider getting fixtures featuring a traditional design or work as transitional pieces to the room’s motif. Think classic and crisp designs that come with a metallic finish. You can also choose classic shapes like diamonds and globes when buying pendants or flush mount lights.

These classic pieces stand the test of time and add character to any room. A good tip to keep in mind is to match the fixture’s finish with the hardware you’re using in your space.

Modern with Attitude

For something more modern and edgy, choose fixtures with an industrial design. Flat matte finishes always look sleek, but you can also go the opposite way and pick fixtures with a chrome and shiny finish. Check out cage light fixtures that have unique shapes or glossy, mirror-like orbs for pendants. These also make a great focal point in any room.

Glam it Up

Although most people often use a beautiful piece of furniture or art as the centerpiece of a room, you can glam up the space with a fancy light fixture. Consider getting a chandelier or a beautiful light fixture made out of glass. Light art installations are also a great option if you really want to go all out. Light fixtures with interesting designs, shapes, and materials can give a room an added pop of drama without compromising brightness.

Brass and Black

The brass and black combo is an iconic finish that looks classy and elegant. It’s also a common finish that a lot of light fixture manufacturers and designers make these days so you shouldn’t have trouble looking for one that fits your home’s overall interior design. This finish also works well as a transition piece, so if you’re mixing and matching different designs, you can’t go wrong with fixtures with brass and black finishes.

Go Natural

Bring in nature to your space by using fixtures that have natural materials, textures, or design elements. Think wood, capiz shells, and soft woven fabrics, just to name a few. Choose fixtures with features that have round shapes and lots of curves to keep everything flowing. Little details like print, color, and design that reminds you of nature gives the fixture a soft and elegant look.

An important thing to remember when avoiding lighting your home is to not be afraid to think outside the box. Try something different and see if it works for the space. Playing it safe by choosing basic light fixtures might give you a well-lit room, but adding a bit of decor to your fixtures makes a huge style difference.

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