A common arrangement in many [city] homes is that the extra room automatically becomes the utility or storage room, where you can do your laundry, keep cleaning tools and items, and store other objects. In any case, it’s important to have enough light so you can see what you’re doing and fight items in storage right away.

Below are a few tips to help make your utility room more functional with proper lighting.

1. Start with General Lighting

General, or ambient lighting, is critical in any utility room. Ideally, your main light source should provide enough illumination to let you see the entire room clearly. If the room has a low ceiling, you can choose a flushmount fixture with a bright LED light bulb to make the most of your headroom.

Rail lights are another good option if you want to incorporate some style into your lighting fixtures. For light that’s bright yet inviting, stick to warm white lighting.

2. Add Task Lights for Form and Function

Like the kitchen, several tasks happen inside the utility room. Whether it’s laundry, finding cleaning tools, or going through your tool box, these activities all need task lighting, or lights that cast light at a specific area, like under cabinets and inside storage compartments.

Undercabinet lighting eliminates shadows and casts a focused light on countertops, tables, or other work areas. These lights also create the illusion of a larger space and higher ceilings. Don’t forget to add in-cabinet lights as well to make it easy to find things you need inside cupboards or drawers.

For best results, you can install LED strips under cabinets. These lights are flexible and have a low-profile, perfect for hiding lights in tight spaces and corners.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing these lights yourself, consider getting battery-powered LEDs, which don’t have to plugged into a socket. Some of these lights are designed specifically for cabinets and switch on only when you open the cabinet doors.

3. Larger Utility Room? Use a Ceiling Fan and Light Combo

If you have a particularly large utility room, you can be more playful with your lighting to give room a little more life. Try a small ceiling fan that can be used in damp or wet areas. Not only do you have a great light fixture, the fan also ensures good airflow—useful when you’re pulling clothes out of the dryer and folding them.

It’s a nice feature to have in a room that often has no windows or an area with a dryer. If you want to go all out on your utility room, consider getting a mini chandelier. The ones with the crystals might be a bit too over the top, but a simple one will definitely turn a boring utility room into a decorative space where you can do your chores.

Keep these tips in mind when planning a lighting project in your utility room. With brighter and even lighting, you can be more productive in this space.