Many people don’t know it, but lighting has a tangible effect on worker productivity. For starters, no one likes to work in an office where they can barely see what they’re doing. More than that however, light affects a person’s mood. It’s why people are more grim and cranky during the winter—the reduced exposure to sunlight actually affects your mood and health.

Likewise, the lighting in your office in Scottsdale affects how happy and productive workers are. To avoid this problem, here are 5 lighting elements to have in your office.

1. Indirect General Lighting

No one likes working under the harsh of a spotlight. Direct lighting not only causes glare, it strains people’s eyesight.

Instead, you can diffuse overhead recessed lights with diffuser discs or aim track lights away from the work area. In fact, you can aim your track lights toward the ceiling or walls and still get enough light in the room. The idea is to illuminate the workspace without creating strong contrast and glare.

2. Task Lighting

Whether you’re filing papers, doing computer work, or performing any type of focus-intensive tasks, it’s best to work under a task light dedicated to illuminating your immediate workspace. Consider getting an adjustable desk lamp that you can move and twist to shine the light at an angle that is most comfortable for you while working. In an office with multiple work stations, each station should have at least one task light.

3. Proper Location

Be careful about where you place your lights. For example, if you’re typing on a computer and a floor lamp is placed behind you, the light will cast an annoying glare on your computer screen. Be sure to pay attention to shadows as well. If you have a desk lamp on your writing desk and write with your right hand, your arm and hand may cast shadows as you write.

4. Natural Light

Sunlight is the best type of light for any workspace. It has the best quality, it’s known to keep your brain active, and it’s free. That being said, try to allow as much natural light into your office during the day by opening windows and positioning desks near them.

It’s also a good idea to have workstations facing north or south so that the sun doesn’t cast distracting shadows at any point in the day. Just remember to install sun shades to reduce glare and heat in the early morning or late afternoon.

5. Decorative and Accent Lights

Along with color, light can also make an office feel and look more alive. Accent lights like picture, track, or mantel lights help draw the eye to elements or objects in the office like architectural features, paintings, and artwork. Decorative lights like sconces and LED strips also add visual appeal and a nice glow to your workspace.

Follow these tips to have a workspace that allows you to be productive. When in doubt, talk to a lighting designer to get an idea of how your office can appear at its best with light.

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