Outdoor lighting is a design and functionality detail that many business owners take for granted. Most owners simply leave a few fluorescent tubes or light bulbs to light their doors and entry paths, not knowing that lighting can be the first thing potential customers notice when they see the building.

Don’t make this mistake with your business in Scottsdale. Below are a few key factors to consider when lighting your building’s exterior.

Add Drama and Effect

Lighting can create a certain mood or effect in any exterior space. Most people only think of stylistic lighting during the holiday season, but you can also use dramatic lighting the whole year round to add a touch of flair to your building’s look.

For starters, you can use colorful bulbs or neon signs. Want to make the building look taller? Install string lights along the space and let them hang. If you want the opposite effect, position the strings vertically.

Use Light Bulbs with Modern Features

Recent deveopments in lighting have integrated more complex features in light bulbs. Things like solar charging, integrated sensors, and timer systems are becoming standard features in outdoor lighting. You can even automate your lighting so that it switches on and off at specific times of the day.

All this helps you save money on maintenance and upkeep, while automating your outdoor lighting system makes it easier to manage.

Go for LED Bulbs

Consider switching to an LED outdoor lighting system. Over the years, these bulbs have become a popular lighting solution across various industries due to their superior energy-efficiency and light quality. LEDs are generally more durable. Bulbs rated for outdoor applications can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for hot Arizona summers or frigid winters in the Northeast.

LEDs are also considerably more energy efficient, using up to 90 percent less energy than a standard halogen lamp rated for industrial use.

Aim for Safety

Of course, the primary use of outdoor lighting is to help make your outdoor spaces safe and secure for both your customers and employees.

Your customers and staff will feel much better if they are walking in and out of your establishment if it’s well-lit outside. During inclement whether, lighting will also ensure people can make their way to their cars in your parking lot or simply find their way to the road. Lighting can also deter unscrupulous activit,y especially when paired with a video surveillance system.

Mind Your Neighbors

Although you do want your business to stand out, you should also keep in mind the effect your outdoor lighting can have on your neighbours. Don’t just add a couple floodlights here, some neon lights there, and a spotlight beaming down your front door. Your lighting must be angled carefully so that it doesn’t blind passers-by and turn into a nuisance for your neighbors. LEDs are perfect for the job because of how their beam angle is usually directed at one angle.

Keep these tips in mind when setting up your establishment’s outdoor lighting system.

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