Office lighting is a feature that many business owners in Scottsdale often take for granted, which is a shame, because a well-lit workspace can make a huge difference in the health and well-being of your employees.

But properly lighting an office can be tricky. To help you learn how to get started, below are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing and installing your office lighting.

Not Picking the Right Lights

1. Treating all light fixtures and bulbs equally. Different areas need different lights.

2. Not layering your lights. In all rooms and spaces, make sure you have different layers of lights.

3. Patchy brightness. Your general or ambient lights need to give the room or space an even brightness.

4. Lifeless lighting. Accent lights give additional brightness and life to the space.

5. No task lights. Task lights on desks and above workspaces help make tasks easier.

6. Too much or too little light. Choose the right wattage to encourage a positive and productive workplace. Not too dim or too bright.

7. Not using dimmers. Dimmers can be a big help for spaces that need adjustable lighting.

8. No sensors. Sensors are useful in spaces like storage areas—places where people tend forget to turn off the lights.

9. No automation. Any office will benefit from automated lights. Just set your needed settings and forget about it.

10 Using old light bulbs. Older light bulbs like incandescent bulbs are just not as efficient and effective as modern ones.

Choosing Without Planning

11. No budget. Plan how much you’re willing to spend on your lights before looking at the options.

12. Not conducting a lighting audit. Be sure to check which lights are functioning and which ones need to be replaced.

13. Buying lights without assessing the office. What type of fixtures does the space need? How bright should the bulbs be? What color temperature is best? Consider all factors before purchasing.

14. Purchasing an outdated lighting system. Why bother with a lighting retrofit if you’re only going to buy outdate light bulbs such as incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps? Opt for LEDs instead.

15. Buying an entirely new system without checking its compatibility with existing infrastructure. You might just end up spending more that you initially thought you should.

16. Sticking with one light source. Go window shopping and try different brands and stores. You can even go online to find better deals.

17. Not buying in bulk. You can save a lot of money if you buy fixtures and bulbs in bulk.

Not Making the Most of Natural Lighting

18. Keeping the blinds shut. Open them up to let as much natural light in.

19. Not cleaning the window’s glass regularly. Grime can be enough to block sunlight from entering your office.

20. Not taking advantage of reflective surfaces. Glossy or reflective accents and features help natural light “bounce” around the office.

Improper Installation

21. Not getting pros to install your lighting. For complex jobs, it’s best to have professionals handle the installation.

22. Choosing a random contractor. Choose a contractor that you know you can trust in case you might need them for additional support.

Go through this list to make sure you make an informed choice when picking out your office lights. Remember to choose the best lights for the space, plan things carefully, use natural light, and get professional help for installation.

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