Panel lights are common bay lighting solutions installed in commercial buildings and workshops in Scottsdale. Unlike individual light bulbs, panel lights hold multiple lights that are evenly spaced apart to ensure the entire panel produces an even distribution of light.

Modern panel lights now use light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which offer multiple benefits for all kinds of commercial facilities that need bay lighting and office lighting. They’re a fantastic alternative to fluorescent lights and go a long way towards improving the mood and performance of your workers.

Why Great Lighting Is Crucial in Workplaces 

If your business’s workspaces still rely on fluorescent lighting, it’s high time you upgraded to better lights. Any office employee is familiar with the feeling of working under dim lighting and how it affects their mood. Indeed, a study by the Society of Interior Designers found that 68 percent of employees were dissatisfied with their office lighting.

This is most likely due to poor fluorescent lighting, which is known to flicker and produce an irritating humming sound. Poor lighting can also cause eyestrain, headaches, and an overall feeling of languor.

With their superior lighting quality, LED panels offer a solution to these problems and add a number of other benefits. Keep reading to learn why LED panels are a great investment.

1. Superior Lighting Quality

LEDs provide a balanced and flicker-free distribution of light that mitigates the physical and mental effects of prolonged exposure to fluorescent lights. In the form of panel light fixtures, LEDs emit an even glow spread out across a wide area. LED panels also have a high CRI rating; the CRI is a measure of how accurate color appear under a light source. This means that objects under LED panels don’t appear washed out or dull.

All of this helps employees feel better while at work, allowing them to focus and be productive.

2. Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Switching to LED panels could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year in lighting costs. LEDs are prized for their unparalleled energy efficiency, using up to 90 percent less energy than commercial incandescent and halogen lighting. When it comes to fluorescent lighting, a 15-watt LED T8 tube light produces the same brightness of light as a 32-watt fluorescent alternative.

With these lights using less electricity than traditional alternatives, your business stands to reduce its overall energy consumption and save money in the process.

3. Long Lifespan and Durability

On top of their energy efficiency and superior lighting quality, LEDs are also remarkably long-lived, boasting life spans of over 25,000 hours. In comparison, you’d be lucky to have a halogen lamp last over 3,000 hours. Fluorescent tubes are better, lasting anywhere between 7,000 to 15,000 hours.

4. Integrated with Smart Technology

Lastly, modern LED panels can come with built-in “smart” features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, dimmability, and compatibility with motion sensors. With a smart LED panel, you can create schedules for your office lights to automatically switch on and off at specific times of the day. Employees forgot to switch off your lights? Simply check the status of your lighting on an app or computer and switch them off remotely. You can even adjust the color of your LED panels—great if you want to mimic the effect of natural sunlight during dark winter days.

Bottom line? LED panels are a fantastic addition to any business’s workplace. With their combination of lighting quality, energy efficiency, and advanced features, LEDs are easily the best commercial lighting solution on the market right now.

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