Lighting is a factor that’s often overlooked by retail business owners. Many will spend thousands of dollars on shelving, displays, and general decor, but will pay less attention to lighting, not knowing it makes a huge impact on how the store looks and feels. And even among businesses that do value lighting, many of them get it wrong.

It’s important to remember that lighting shouldn’t just highlight your displays and products. Your lights’ design, layout, and quality can influence your customers’ shopping experience. Light can also influence your employees’ mood and their ability to stay productive at work.

Below are 4 more reasons why retail businesses in Scottsdale should invest in great lighting.

1. Better Sales

Consumer studies have shown that customers are drawn to stores that are well-lit. Research by Lux even shows that great in-store lighting can even increase the average spend per customer:

Great retail lighting isn’t just about brightness—although that certainly is important. What you want is multiple sources of varied lighting. This means layering lights, ensuring that you have:

  • Ambient lighting for general lighting
  • Accent lights in strategic areas
  • Ask lights for your staff

You can also place lights near shelves or racks that you want to showcase, which will draw peoples’ eyes to the display.

2. Aesthetics and Ambience

Customers have different levels of expectations when it comes to their shopping experience. Generally, a store with great lighting will have a positive first impression on potential shoppers. Great lighting says, “Come in, check out what we have to offer.”

A simple mix of LEDs, lamps, and spotlights can arranged strategically throughout your store can have a huge impact on its appearance. These lights make your store appear more welcoming and help make product displays look more interesting.

3. Image and Brand Identity

Lighting can also help reinforce your brand identity. Think of coffee chains like Starbucks. When you go to a Starbucks, you can expect that the place will be well-lit, with lights placed above seating areas and track lights drawing people’s attention to the country.

You can also take advantage of this effect in your store, helping customers identify with your brand. This will be tremendously beneficial should the time come for you to expand to a new branch/location.

4. Better Staff Productivity and Work Atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, great retail lighting can not only affect sales, but it can also affect your staff. Giving them a well-lit store to work in helps them stay productive and happy. That means no annoyingly bright neon lamps or flickering light bulbs that can cause headaches and eyestrain. You can create a safe and happy environment for your staff by investing in a reliable lighting system.

These are just some of the reasons why your store needs great lighting. The upfront cost of getting new lights and fixtures may be high, but the return on investment—higher sales, strong brand identity, and employee productivity among others—is well worth it.

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