The Top 4 Best Options for Commercial Lights for Your Business

Setting up a lighting system for a commercial space is a completely different challenge compared to lighting a home. Commercial lighting comes with a number of requirements that ensure both your customers and staff members are comfortable, and that your space is well-lit and safe.

If you’re looking to remodel your business in Scottsdale or in the process of opening one, here are four examples of commercial lighting fixtures.

High Bay Lighting

These lights are the perfect fixtures to use in spaces with high ceilings. Spaces with floor to ceiling measurements of 20 feet or higher, such as halls, warehouses, and event spaces can get the most of these lights.

You’ll usually find high bay lights with a beam angle of 90 degrees or narrower, and most new systems work with energy-efficient bulbs. They are efficient at illuminating big spaces and excel at providing even lighting throughout the area. High bay lighting fixtures are also an economical choice since they provide a generous amount of light. Designs are also versatile and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Low Bay Lighting

In contrast to high bay lights, low bay lights are used in large rooms with a ceiling height between 12 and 20 feet, making them ideal for workshops, retail stores, and grocery stores. They typically have a beam angle of 120 degrees and, like high bay lights, provide an even level brightness across a large floor area. When paired with LED light bulbs, your low bay lighting will be an energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting setup.

Flush Fitting Lights

For larger spaces with ceilings below 12 feet, consider using flush fitting lights. These fixtures are perhaps the most versatile light fixture for any commercial space, offering all the advantages of bay lights without the protruding cases.

As the name suggests, flush fitting lights do not protrude (or at the very least, protrude minimall) from the ceiling. They can be used for general lighting or as accent lights. Flush fitting lights that are IP65 rated can even be used in areas exposed to the elements, making them ideal for outdoor areas or indoor spaces like bathrooms.

Retail Display Lighting

Retail lights should do more than just illuminate a shop; they should also attract customers and make them want to spend more time in the shop.

Retail display lights are designed to highlight goods and products, enhance the details of the display, and bring showcases to life. For this reason, it’s important to choose light bulbs that score high on the color rendering index (CRI), a measure of how accurate colors appear under a light source (e.g. how red a red apple looks).

Bottom Line

Despite what you may think, when it comes to commercial lighting, the key is to combine different types of commercial light fixtures. By layering your lights, you can create a space that your customers will be comfortable in and your employees will want to be productive in.