Any updates or renovations to your office, store, restaurant, or facility lighting system will require a lot of planning, so it’s not surprising why many business owners would rather leave the job to the experts. The same thing applies to commercial lighting, especially for warehouses, industrial facilities, and other commercial establishments. The bigger the job, the more complicated it will be.

This is where a commercial lighting manufacturer or supplier comes in. These companies have the expertise to determine what type of commercial lighting setup is best for your facility. Below are some tips to help you find the best commercial lighting manufacturer for your business.

Good Customer Service

A professional commercial lighting manufacturer or provider should ask you for specifications and your needs rather than go straight to offering you the most expensive system in their catalog. They will help you assess the types of lights that best fit your space, provide options, and share the pros and cons of each.

Always keep a budget in mind and don’t hesitate to ask questions. At the same time, however, be open to their suggestions. For example, they might recommend a more expensive setup, such as a modern LED lighting system, but its high initial investment should be offset by its energy efficiency.


A good track record is always a big plus when choosing a manufacturer. It’s a good move to check or ask how long the company has been in the industry as a long list of clients often means they have a good reputation.

Lighting manufacturers who’ve made a solid name for themselves also often provide better aftersales support. After all, they’ve been in the business long enough to know that their customers will most likely need maintenance and support, and you’ll know that you can always count on them.

References and Reviews

Do some research about the manufacturer and look up online reviews. Talk to previous customers, check out some of their past work, or go online. Notable lighting companies and providers often get a lot of reviews online and you can easily assess if they do a good job or not based on their ratings. Read up on how customers like or dislike their lighting systems, what common issues they encountered, and if the products they offer have great quality.

Lighting Industry Knowledge

The most important thing to look out for is that the manufacturer or provider has a good grasp of the lighting industry. Whether this is the first time you’re changing your lights or you’re adding to a previous lighting project, you’ll want a lighting manufacturer that knows their way around. They should also be knowledgeable about new technology and fixtures that will give you better options for your upgrade. A provider that also knows the different trends in the industry will also help you create a more modern look.

Go through all your options, work around your budget, and pick the best provider in [city] that will give you a lighting system that covers all your space’s needs.