As the green revolution continues to hack away at our country’s misguided energy addiction, more and more commercial entities in Scottsdale are opening their doors with energy plans in place that are more comprehensive and more ambitious than anything we have seen in the past.

Even a short ten years ago, such plans would have+ been laughed out of the room by any competent board of directors, but not today.  While we wish we could attribute it to a global awakening in conscience, the truth is a bit easier to understand:  clean energy is just cheaper.

Energy efficient technology like LED light bulbs have become far more efficient than their outdated predecessors. Savvy organizations are able to see past the initial investment of new technology, right through to the incredible savings that is waiting on the other side.

To celebrate those who understand that profits and efficiency can go hand in hand, we’re presenting you with the 4 major commercial lighting trends of 2020…

1.  Creating Energy Sustainability through “Control Strategies”

From small businesses to massive corporations all over the world, many forward-thinking organizations are taking the first steps to making their workplace a more energy-efficient operation. A great place to start is by creating Energy Control Strategies for all aspects of the operation, based on thoughtful examination of how much energy is being used versus how much energy is actually needed.

Timers, motion sensors, dimmable bulbs, and smart appliances are all examples of easy control strategies that you can put into place without having to fork out any significant amount of money.

2.  Switching to Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Some organizations in Scottsdale are doing it all at once, and others seem to be doing it bulb by bulb, but there is no denying that energy-saving LED lights are becoming more and more common by the day. Now that it has been proved just how much money can be saved over time, companies are starting to see the benefit of making that small, initial investment in LED.

3.  Industrial Lighting: Investing from the Start

Thanks to a number of clean-energy advocates, the financial benefits of LED lighting are understood by more CEOs, Contractors, Investors, and Consumers than ever before. One of the corollaries is that new commercial building projects are making the investment in LED overhead lighting right from the start, as opposed to putting it off as a “future improvement”.

Organizations like these know how to think on a slightly longer term than the traditionalists, who prefer a short-term discount to long-term savings.  Then again, LED light fixtures are more affordable than ever before, so who knows how long this will be the case.

4.  Retail Lighting: Creating Ambience & Atmosphere

You’re going to see a lot of restaurants and shops making the switch to recessed LED lighting, or simply opening with LEDs already in place. Small business owners will most certainly notice a reduction in their monthly power bill, but the real reason that small business owners are switching to LED has more to do with their versatility in both color and intensity.

By offering a wide spectrum of light and the ability to adjust it on-the-fly via smartphone or tablet, recessed LED lights simply offer a lot more than traditional bulbs ever could.

What’s Next?

So, is there a trend in these 4 commercial lighting trends? We think so. It looks like more and more organizations in Scottsdale are making the smart move of switching over to energy-saving lighting solutions.

From floodlights and strip lights to warehouse lighting and wall lights, every bulb in your building is operating on your dime, just like any other employee your organization. Their efficiency, then, is part of your job.

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