Now, more than ever, commercial and retail business in Scottsdale and across the country are looking for ways to cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve the well being of their customers and team members alike. There aren’t many things that can accomplish all of these tasks at once, so finding something that does is a cause for celebration.

Re-thinking commercial, industrial, or retail lighting strategies is all about keeping up with the latest technology and the most relevant research.

Here are some of the ways that retail shops in Scottsdale and elsewhere can keep up with the tide.

1.  Time to Switch to LED Light Bulbs

If you haven’t already, upgrading your display lighting or overhead lighting fixtures to LED is a proven way to immediately cut you energy bill, as well as decrease the amount that your company is paying annually for new bulbs and fixture maintenance.

LED technology requires an up-front investment costs that some small retail business cannot afford, or at least, they don’t believe that they can afford it. The truth is, making the switch to energy efficient LED lighting is the kind of guaranteed investment that more business operators need to consider. With more and more state and federal subsidies available for clean energy upgrades, it is possible for even the smallest commercial facilities to upgrade their entire lighting systems.

2.  Creating “Layers” of Light

Unlike overhead warehouse lighting or commercial LEDs, retail lighting setups have the unique requirement of making specific products and/or services look good to the consumer … good enough for purchase on the spot. In this sense, a thoughtfully designed LED lighting system is more than just a utility, it could very well be your most effective salesman.

Here are the different layers of lighting that need to be considered for any good retail operation:

  • Decorative LED Lighting – bulbs and fixtures chosen to create a specific feel for the space. Unlike grocery store lighting or parking lot lighting, decorative lights can be used to emphasize a brand or product.
  • Dimmable Accent Lighting – accent lighting, when used properly, is almost invisible but can really make a display stand out. Recessed LED accent lights are a great way to achieve this without taking up almost any space at all.
  • Color-Controlled Task Lighting – retail employees need work areas that are more brightly lit than areas designed for the customer or guest. Task lighting is usually brighter, and can also be color-modulated with programmable LED bulbs in order to provide warm-temperature light that keeps people feeling alert and focused.
  • Outdoor Lighting & Security Lighting – Whether your operation is industrial, commercial, or retail, it is important to provide adequate lighting to outdoor areas and entrances, with safety being a number one priority. Spotlights, flood lights, and emergency lights are all effective at keeping your team safe and protected.

3.  Maintain a Store-Wide Color Temperature

When designing your lighting system and choosing your LED light bulbs, pay attention to what their color temperature output is. Ideally, the color temperature will be fairly steady throughout your facility, with the exception being your most important task areas.

4.  Buy LED Light Bulbs in Bulk

One easy trick to achieving a steady color temperature is to order LED light bulbs in large quantities. LED bulbs are manufactured in such away that their exact temperature output can vary slightly from batch to batch. While the difference is usually negligible, it is more important for retail operators who are trying to achieve a highly-curated lighting scheme in their stores.

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