In an age of ongoing economic uncertainty, business across the country are scrambling for ways to reduce operating and facilities costs without sacrificing their ability to get the job done. Whether the setting is retail or commercial, warehouse or heavy industrial, there is always a buck or two to be saved by those who are willing to go and look for them.

Flat-panel LED technology is emerging as one of the most effective ways for business in the Scottsdale area, as well as firms around the world, to invest in their facilities technology in a way that cuts costs, reduces maintenance hours, and even improves human wellness.

Replacing Fluorescent Overhead Lights with Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

At this point, it is perhaps fair to say that most people are familiar with the energy-saving effectiveness of LED light bulbs. Not only to they last a lot longer than traditional bulbs, but they use only a fraction of the amount of electricity.

Benefits aside, some business have a hard time swallowing the up-front costs of upgrading their lighting systems to LED when it is cheaper and faster to just order a new case of fluorescent bulbs and stick with the status quo.

Not only is this approach financially shortsighted, but it deprives the business owner of the opportunity to make an important investment in systems technology, one with proven, research-backed benefits. Less energy is consumed, the bulbs last longer, maintenance needs to down, and perhaps best of all, the overall light quality improves, reducing strain and stress for all occupants.

How Flat-Panel LED Light Fixtures Improve Well-Being

Until LED lighting came around, schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings all came standard with harsh, flickering fluorescent lighting. For such a very long time, this was just a thing that the occupants had to deal with.

Now, Scottsdale businesses are making a valiant effort to ditch the headache-inducing fluorescents for something that is capable of providing abundant, controllable, natural-feeling light. The improvement in workplace lighting quality has been lined to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a marked increase in employee job satisfaction.

No matter what industries these businesses find themselves in, that’s the type of ROI that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Take Control of Your Workplace Lighting

Health benefits aside, commercial LED lighting systems are capable of providing unmatched control in terms of brightness, color temperature, and sensor-based activation. In fact, tech-savvy startups across the United States are investing more and more in their lighting control system, creating advanced, time-controlled lighting “zones” with the intent of increasing productivity and satisfaction across the board.

Taking advantage of natural light sources is a proven way to increase the quality of lighting, but emulating the natural light can be just as effective according to most researchers. This isn’t just about matching the color temperature, but also matching the cycle of light … that is, softer and warmer light as the days go on.

This kind of programmable lighting is only available with LED bulbs, and flat-panel fixtures are the ideal way to integrate them into a commercial, industrial, or retail operation in a way that cuts operational costs as soon as you turn them on.

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