Until recently, any conversation about LED pathway lighting would have been limited to residential application, and more specifically, ways to increase curb appeal when trying to sell a house. But the real value of LED pathway lighting goes far beyond mere aesthetics.

Adequate pathway lighting is a way for commercial and industrial facilities to add visibility to their exterior premises … areas that are often overlooked when designing the overall lighting plan. This is especially true of industrial and manufacturing businesses that utilize night shifts as a means of increasing productivity.

For safety and visibility, and yes, for old-fashioned curb appeal, LED pathway lights are being embraced by Scottsdale businesses like never before.

Adequate Lighting Prevents Workplace Injuries

The power to prevent workplace injuries is sometimes as simple as shining a little light on the situation. According to a study by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, insufficient lighting can be attributed to a significant number of workplace injuries, most commonly those involving tripping or tumbling over unseen obstacles.

According to the study, improving either the brightness or distribution of the light source by as little as 10% was enough to drastically reduce tripping injuries in a factory setting. By focusing on high-traffic areas like hallways and pathways, owners and managers can make their facilities safer places to be while reducing insurance liability.

Exterior Commercial Lighting Reduces Likelihood of Crime

One of the best ways for companies to ensure the safety of their outdoor areas is by installing LED pathway lighting on all permanent walkways, as well as in any area that would remain otherwise unlit overnight. Evenly spaced LED pathway lighting will not only illuminate obstructions but also provide for an increased visibility that potential thieves and vandals will find dis-inviting.

Commercial outdoor lighting in general is an effective deterrent for costly breaking and entering. Automatic interior walkway lighting also makes it impossible for anyone to sneak around inside the workspace without activating the lights … another innovation that makes spaces safer from crimes and accidents alike.

If LED pathway lighting is not adequate for the amount of space that needs to be illuminated, then commercial LED lampposts can be installed, significantly increasing the possibilities in both placement and brightness.

LED Pathway Lighting is Pleasant for Clients & Customers

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there is no arguing with the fact that it never hurts to increase your facility’s aesthetic appeal. Dynamic, sensor-operated LED pathway lights can create a pleasing atmosphere for anyone looking at the building. More importantly, it sets an immediately visible quality standard that clients, customers, and Scottsdale community members will use to form their opinion of your operation … before they even step foot inside.

Pairing outdoor commercial lighting with dynamic lighting control systems can save money through automatic operation, but it’s also a smart way to invest in both style and security at the same time.

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