For businesses like gas stations and parking structures, industrial LED canopy lighting is the primary cost of doing businesses.  But schools, hospitals, factories, and small industrial businesses also have a legitimate interest in keeping their outdoor areas safe, secure, and brightly lit.

Of course, LED canopy lights are not restricted to outdoor use only. Any space that requires bright, even, and downward-facing light can take advantage of canopy lights. Having a reliable and symmetrical light source can make any area safer from falls and trips, while the presence of lighting is itself an effective deterrent for crime and vandalism.

Why Businesses Are Upgrading Their Industrial Canopy Lighting to LED

If you consider the amount of locations that your average gas station company operates, estimating the price of a top-to-bottom LED upgrade leads to a number that can make your head spin. This up-front cost is something that has prevented LED light bulbs from taking off since they were first introduced.

But as Scottsdale entrepreneurs are finding, the cost of LED lights is one that can be completely covered with only a few years of operation. For large parking garages and other 24-hour well-lit structures, the savings are even more immediate.

Owners and managers who are trying to justify the cost of an LED lighting upgrade must take into consideration the potential energy bill savings, which will be apparent from the first month of operation.

Business Leaders: “We’ve Been Paying Too Much for Industrial Lighting Maintenance”

Depending on the structure and size of operation, your own lighting system maintenance costs might not be that significant But no matter how many bulbs in your building or watts in your warehouse, there is no denying the fact that LED lightbulbs simply last longer.

In fact, when compared side by side to their fluorescent counterparts, LED bulbs are capable of lasting 30 times longer. The first implication for business owners is that they’re going to be spending a lot less on light bulbs. The second is that your maintenance crew isn’t going to have to bust out the scissor lifts and change everything out.

Installing LED Light Bulbs in Existing Industrial Canopy Lights

There are a lot of different commercial LED light kits on the market right now. While the best LED lighting systems are the ones that have been built from the ground up with energy-savings in mind, it is also possible to update your current commercial fixtures to accept LED technology.

In addition to LED conversion kits, it is also possible to pair commercial lighting systems with smart control technology. Motion sensors, timers, color controls, and dimmer switches are some of the most common ways that businesses can further control of their lighting scheme, all of which are capable of further reducing overall energy costs.

For many years, obnoxious fluorescent canopy lighting has served as one of the most frustratingly bright sources of light pollution and energy waste. For businesses in Scottsdale and across the country, investing in an upgrade to industrial LED canopy lights can have just as many positive aesthetic benefits as financial ones.

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