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Some warehouse managers spend so much time in their place of business that they hardly notice the quality of warehouse lighting. As time goes on, everyone in the building just kind of “gets used to it”, and continue to work under inferior lighting quality. This is especially true of older warehouses that are fitted with long-outdated incandescent or fluorescent fixtures.

Making the upgrade to LED high bay lighting can have an incredible impact on your businesses’ warehouse facilities. Here are the Top 5 reasons your Scottsdale warehouse should make the switch to LED overhead lighting:

1.) Increased Durability (Fewer Workplace Accidents)

One of the biggest threats that fluorescent bulbs and incandescent fixtures pose to warehouse workers is potential shattering. Even a slight tap is enough to make a fluorescent bulb explode into thousands of sharp pieces, while also exposing any nearby workers to harmful gases.

LED light bulbs are, on average, much stronger than their older, weaker counterparts. While not indestructible, these bulbs can certainly take more abuse without breaking. This contributes not only to workplace safety, but also to your overall annual maintenance costs (more on that in a minute).

2.) Better Light Quality (A Safer, More Efficient Workplace)

The cool, white light of industrial LED light bulbs is much closer to the natural light that is being emitted by the sun. For this reason, it causes far less eyestrain, increases employee satisfaction, reduces errors, and can even improve employee sleep quality. It makes it easier to adequately light pathways, staircases, and other potentially hazardous areas.

LED technology is also more suited for dynamic lighting control systems. From motion sensors to programmed changes in lighting temperature, LED bulbs are the ‘smart’ lighting option that’s ready for the future.

3.) Cooler Operation (Better on Your HVAC)

LED light bulbs don’t operate the same way as fluorescent bulbs. There is no heated filament, so the total heat generation is a mere fraction of what it is with fluorescents. This will keep a warehouse much, much cooler in the summer months.

In addition, your industrial HVAC system is going to thank you for it. Without having to remove all that excess heat (like they do with fluorescent bulbs) your fans, filters, and exchangers are going to last a lot longer.

4.) Increased Lifespan (Spend Less $$ on Bulbs)

The typical lifespan of an overhead LED bulb is about 10,000 hours, sometimes more with industrial bulbs. This means that total maintenance costs are going to go way down within the first year. It is also important to consider the amount of time that goes into replacing overhead warehouse bulbs; many companies spend several thousand a year simply changing bulbs.

5.) Vastly Increased Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency is the crowning achievement of LED technology, and it also happens to be the most lucrative thing about it. LED bulbs use a small fraction of the energy consumes by traditional bulbs. The savings is significant enough that it will be visible on your energy bill from day one, especially for large scale warehouse operators.

Then there is the added benefit of increasing your operations environmental friendliness … something that Scottsdale consumers are likely to reward with loyalty.

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