[city] led track lighting
Across the country, commercial operations are making the upgrade to industrial LED light bulbs in an effort to save money and increase light quality. For [city]-based businesses, LED track lighting has become a popular go-to for commercial retrofits.

Adaptable and versatile, track lighting can be installed in any type of commercial or retail space. In this LED lighting guide, we’re going to explore the different styles of LED track lighting that are available on the market. After that, we’ll examine some of the most popular commercial applications for track lighting.

What is LED Track Lighting?

Track lighting is a 2-part system. The first part is the lighting fixture, and the second part is the track. The track is mounted to the ceilings or walls, and the fixtures are installed along the track.

One of the biggest benefits to track lighting is that is doesn’t require any major renovations to install. System components are simply anchored to the ceiling or wall and then tied into the electrical system. This makes retrofitting your commercial space a lot more affordable than some other options.

LED Track Lighting: Recessed vs. Traditional Track

There are a number of advantages to both styles that commercial operators should consider.

Recessed LED Lighting provides a sleek profile and a subtle, unassuming look. It is also ideal for spaces with low ceilings, as it prevents the lighting from hanging down into the retail area. The downside to recessed lighting is that is requires a more complicated installation.

LED Track Lighting is mounted directly onto a ceiling or wall. This means quick and easy installation, which in turn means a less expensive retrofit. Modern LED track lighting systems come in a wide array of colors and aesthetic styles, so its usually possible to find the one that is perfect for your space.

Suspended LED Track Lighting

Another option that is becoming more popular with [city] businesses is suspended LED track lighting. Ideal for spaces with high ceilings, a suspended lighting system makes stylish and customizable LED lighting schemes available for larger spaces like warehouses and production facilities.

Suspended LED lighting systems are hung from wire kits or rod kits. They are easy to install if you have access to a lift. Once installed, they can provide a strong aesthetic flair to industrial spaces. The tracks can also be cut to any length or shape require, from simple straight lines to multi-angled shapes.

LED Track Lighting Applications

From commercial and office settings to art galleries and retail buildings, LED track lighting is a versatile and attractive solution for all sorts of [city] businesses. Simple track lighting can be installed without any major renovation, which is perhaps why it is spreading like wildfire among smaller area businesses.

Track lighting can also be a good way to achieve full control of your lighting. Operators can easily place and orient fixtures to illuminate things like paintings, sitting areas, and accent walls. In addition, industrial shops will appreciate the ability to modify their lighting scheme based on their current project.