Energy Efficiency Pros (EEPros) is an 12-year-old, nationwide, turnkey provider of EV charging stations and commercial LED lighting, based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We have combined our partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of EV charging products and LED lighting manufacturers with our nationwide network of electrical contractors to provide our clients the most comprehensive solutions available. Our EEPaaS hospitality program includes all aspects of the adoption of EV chargers for your properties. From EV chargers and installation to signage and parking space painting, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors. And our unique LightSpend financial program allows our LED retrofit clients the opportunity to install new lighting without any capital expense whatsoever.

We always back up all of our work with a PARTS AND LABOR service agreement. We repair or replace any product that fails at no cost.

When you begin the transition to providing EV charging stations for your tenants/guests, you should first identify ways to reduce the amount of power being used on your property, in order to make power available for EV charging stations. LED lighting can reduce the amount of power being used by as much as 90% and is the perfect way to do this.

We understand that the transition to EV charging stations will be ongoing. Our initial evaluation of your property provides both a short-term and long-term view, and along with quarterly updates on your local power utility, we will keep you informed of key information for long-term planning of additional charging station needs. We provide long-term partnerships, not short-term purchases.