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Hotel EV Chargers
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Purchase vs EEPaaS


  • CAPEX funds required (finance or cash)
  • Over a 10-year payback on just the charging stations (if everything goes as planned)
  • Added overhead
    • Hiring and Training Staff
    • Monitoring Stations and Utility Power Availability
    • Ongoing Access Control and Pricing Updates
    • Managing Resident Complaints and Coordinating Service
    • Having to Maintain Charging Station Inventory
  • Hassle of working with multiple vendors for purchasing/installing/maintaining charging stations and having to do it every time you need another station
  • It’s not your business!
    • Let us show you a better way to make EV charging a profit center.


  • Lower out-of-pocket cost
  • 50/50 Revenue Split
  • One company to handle everything
    • Design / Procurement / Installation / Management
    • Commissioning and Ongoing Programming
    • Signage / Painting for EV designated parking spaces
    • We find and complete all rebate/grant paperwork
    • 10-year Parts and Labor Service Agreement
    • Long-term Power Management
  • One phone call to add additional charging stations
  • Coordinate with the Electric utility
    • Plan with property owner, for additional power when needed. STAY OUT AHEAD OF POWER ISSUES!
  • Monthly / Quarterly Usage Reports
  • Active and ongoing monitoring of charging stations
    • We try to identify and fix a problem before the tenant has to call us.
  • Monthly Space Rental provides 100% towards NOI
Cars are the dominant travel mode for business travel, comprising 81% of all trips.

What We Do Nationwide Turnkey Provider of EV Charging Solutions

Initial Site Planning

Perform an on-site audit of property, it's electrical capacity, and review our discovery with ownership.

Infrastructure Upgrades

We’ll work the utility to ensure you stay ahead of the power curve.

Solution Design

We’ll propose a short-term solution and discuss a long-term plan.

City/Utility Permitting

Our team will ensure all work is completed to code.

Capturing all Incentives and Grants

We’ll do the paperwork to get you every available dollar.

On-boarding and Training

We’ll train your staff if they want to be more hands-on.

Implementation and Commissioning

We sell, install, commission and program the stations, install EV charging signs as needed, and provide EV Stencil painting for parking spaces.

10-Year Parts and Labor Service

We will repair/replace any station at zero cost, provide 24/7 monitoring of EV Stations, as well as handle service scheduling, on-going programming and customer billing.

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